Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Real Rekkanize Real

What's up, True Believers? Yeah, I'm speaking only to the True-Believers. The fake can't feel this. Turn back now, nothing here for you to see.

I did a blog just recently about "Real Chance Of Love 2", and not watching out of respect for my girl Risky.

Wait, let me hit the rewind for a second... I got a few things to get off my chest.

First, we've discussed me and reality shows. I dig 'em.

Tonight, I saw and heard something that AGAIN raised my faith in reality tv.

This season of "Charm School 3" with Ricki Lake, Stryker (from LoveLine), and Mrs. Carmelo Anthony, better known as LaLa Vazquez has been a step above. The second-to-last challenge involved the girls going to New Orleans and doing volunteer work, turning the focus back to the fact that N.O. is still reeling from Katrina. Props for that alone. But the individuals who went into the process with a totally open mind came out better people. My opinion of Bay Bay Bay completely changed when I watched her engage in several acts of total selflessness and generosity. But this isn't about her.

I want to congratulate Ebony Jones, @riskybizness23 for winning this semester, and for even more, opening up and confessing something on national tv that was as real as it comes.

Risky has been "through a lot", we've heard it before. The scary thing is, how close to being her could some of you be? I've had friends and relatives locked up for different reasons. We've known this entire season that Risky's brother was in prison, but nobody ever knew why.

Well, she told us. Risky's brother is in prison for doing something to the person that molested her.

Hearing that ripped my heart out. Because I know the wrath that would overcome me to know someone in my life had to experience that, and the possibility of exacting my own revenge on the individual would be too much to bear.

I know this because I've experienced it already. I've had to let it go, and I hated the taste of that. Bitterest fruit you can imagine. And once, I didn't have to let it go.

I remember being 16. I was around 165lbs, all muscle, right around the peak of my martial arts training days. My little sister was playing in a fenced park directly in front of my house, she was 9, I think. My mom was at work, it was me, my older brother Locc and my brother Tza. I realized I hadn't heard my sister in awhile, so I sent Tza after her. He and Locc returned shortly after at a full-speed run. Some dude around the corner, actually a couple years older than me, tried to lure my sister away from the other kids and into a secluded area of the college (the playground was next to Edward Waters College Science & Mathematics building).

Me and my brothers together back then were a force of nature. We would swoop down before you realized what was happening. Hyenas had nothing on us. My sister knew the dude, at least where he lived, and took us to his house. I knocked on the door while Tza and Locc hid in the bushes. I asked his Mom to ask him to come to the door, and as soon as he did, I snatched my nunchakus from under my shirt tucked in the small of my back, wrapped them around his neck and dragged him off his front porch. Me and my brothers beat the shit out of him while his mother screamed for us not to kill him, and only through her being there did we not. I explained loudly as my brothers pounded his ass into tapioca that if I ever saw him near my sister again, no amount of begging on his mother's part would save him. It was kinda like the scene from the Sopranos when Tony caught the guy outside the bank with the baseball bat? Oh yeah. Pedophiles are squishy.

I'm older now, but I don't know if I have the restraint to forgive this kind of transgression easily. When Risky confessed the reason for her holding her pain in, I felt my heart sank. Her face was just pained, you could see that she carried much guilt, because she probably felt that she was the reason her brother was locked up. I'm willing to bet he doesn't feel that way, because I wouldn't have felt that way had I gone to jail for my sister. I would have held my head up high and told the CO "if somebody does this again, you might want to keep me a bunk ready, cuz best believe, I'll be back." I would never want to be away from my Boo and my Girls, but if someone hurt them, God please help me find mercy, I will lose my way.

But this isn't about me, it's about trying to keep focus on what means the most. Risky is going to take her winnings and open a program for girls, and I'm so happy to hear that. If she's doing it in Atlanta, that's what's up, because ATL is rough like Duval. I know, I've seen it. The cutthroats up there have it just as rough.

Risky, I hope you find ways to affect lives with your winnings and with everything you learned. You said it, new start, new day, you've brought light to the darkest corners of you. Nothing can stop you now, Ma...

-ere'bodee's favorite mega, blogninja

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