Thursday, July 30, 2009

Obama Is A Pussy

I'm sure some of you might be taking issue with my title, but I'm sorry, I gotta keep it 100.

I'm sorely disappointed in our President for backing off the Cambridge Police Dept. and letting them sorry redneck crackers get any breathing room, because as soon as he did, you see how they act. What am I talking about?

Well, I'm not going to go into the Dr. Gates vs Sgt. Crowley section, because Obama let 'em ride. He gave them a pass when it was OBVIOUS what the hell was going on. Come on, man. The cop didn't like the Prof. telling him what was obviously true: He didn't like a Black man standing up to him. I've seen cops do this shit a thousand times for anything. It's a weak excuse, and they use it whenever it suits them.

When the President took the stand, he let up off the racists and they got emboldened. How do I know? Well, check out the story of the email by Justin Barrett.

I'll give you the quickie highlights. Just like Sgt. Crowley, Officer Barrett declares that he is;

"not a racist but I am prejudice [sic] towards people who are stupid and pretend to stand up and preach for something they say is freedom but it is merely attention because you do not get enough of it in your little fear-dwelling circle of on-the-bandwagon followers."

Yeah, that's what people who stand up to racism are. "Fear-dwelling circle of On-The-BandWagon Followers."

If you are a white person out there, don't fall into the trap of Race-Guilt. White people are guilting other white people into the "see, it's THEM, not US." You're playing the game, it's "The Hate Of The Hate that Hate Made."

Racism caused the mistrust, the fingerpointing. The behavior of that police officer is like a thousand others out there, and those who backed that up, should be fucking ashamed of themselves. Why?

Because by backing it up, you made Justin Barrett feel like it was okay to write an email calling Professor Gates a Jungle-Monkey. So, in effect, you supported a racist.

I still love Obama, but he's said it, he's not a "Black" president, he's everybody's president. He's gonna say and do some shit I don't agree with.

But you can't stand as a symbol on one hand and then cowtow to the Racists on the other side. You said it was stupid, stick with it. Don't be a pussy, Obama. If Sgt. Crowley isn't a racist, then neither is Justin Barrett.

Because when you pussy out on us, you expose us to shit like this.

But I'm calling it like I see it.

"Oh, Officer Barrett is an abberation, he's not the norm." Get the fuck outta hear...

And Rick Sanchez can kiss my ass if I ever watch his show again.

-ere'bodee's favorite mega, blogninja

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Real Rekkanize Real

What's up, True Believers? Yeah, I'm speaking only to the True-Believers. The fake can't feel this. Turn back now, nothing here for you to see.

I did a blog just recently about "Real Chance Of Love 2", and not watching out of respect for my girl Risky.

Wait, let me hit the rewind for a second... I got a few things to get off my chest.

First, we've discussed me and reality shows. I dig 'em.

Tonight, I saw and heard something that AGAIN raised my faith in reality tv.

This season of "Charm School 3" with Ricki Lake, Stryker (from LoveLine), and Mrs. Carmelo Anthony, better known as LaLa Vazquez has been a step above. The second-to-last challenge involved the girls going to New Orleans and doing volunteer work, turning the focus back to the fact that N.O. is still reeling from Katrina. Props for that alone. But the individuals who went into the process with a totally open mind came out better people. My opinion of Bay Bay Bay completely changed when I watched her engage in several acts of total selflessness and generosity. But this isn't about her.

I want to congratulate Ebony Jones, @riskybizness23 for winning this semester, and for even more, opening up and confessing something on national tv that was as real as it comes.

Risky has been "through a lot", we've heard it before. The scary thing is, how close to being her could some of you be? I've had friends and relatives locked up for different reasons. We've known this entire season that Risky's brother was in prison, but nobody ever knew why.

Well, she told us. Risky's brother is in prison for doing something to the person that molested her.

Hearing that ripped my heart out. Because I know the wrath that would overcome me to know someone in my life had to experience that, and the possibility of exacting my own revenge on the individual would be too much to bear.

I know this because I've experienced it already. I've had to let it go, and I hated the taste of that. Bitterest fruit you can imagine. And once, I didn't have to let it go.

I remember being 16. I was around 165lbs, all muscle, right around the peak of my martial arts training days. My little sister was playing in a fenced park directly in front of my house, she was 9, I think. My mom was at work, it was me, my older brother Locc and my brother Tza. I realized I hadn't heard my sister in awhile, so I sent Tza after her. He and Locc returned shortly after at a full-speed run. Some dude around the corner, actually a couple years older than me, tried to lure my sister away from the other kids and into a secluded area of the college (the playground was next to Edward Waters College Science & Mathematics building).

Me and my brothers together back then were a force of nature. We would swoop down before you realized what was happening. Hyenas had nothing on us. My sister knew the dude, at least where he lived, and took us to his house. I knocked on the door while Tza and Locc hid in the bushes. I asked his Mom to ask him to come to the door, and as soon as he did, I snatched my nunchakus from under my shirt tucked in the small of my back, wrapped them around his neck and dragged him off his front porch. Me and my brothers beat the shit out of him while his mother screamed for us not to kill him, and only through her being there did we not. I explained loudly as my brothers pounded his ass into tapioca that if I ever saw him near my sister again, no amount of begging on his mother's part would save him. It was kinda like the scene from the Sopranos when Tony caught the guy outside the bank with the baseball bat? Oh yeah. Pedophiles are squishy.

I'm older now, but I don't know if I have the restraint to forgive this kind of transgression easily. When Risky confessed the reason for her holding her pain in, I felt my heart sank. Her face was just pained, you could see that she carried much guilt, because she probably felt that she was the reason her brother was locked up. I'm willing to bet he doesn't feel that way, because I wouldn't have felt that way had I gone to jail for my sister. I would have held my head up high and told the CO "if somebody does this again, you might want to keep me a bunk ready, cuz best believe, I'll be back." I would never want to be away from my Boo and my Girls, but if someone hurt them, God please help me find mercy, I will lose my way.

But this isn't about me, it's about trying to keep focus on what means the most. Risky is going to take her winnings and open a program for girls, and I'm so happy to hear that. If she's doing it in Atlanta, that's what's up, because ATL is rough like Duval. I know, I've seen it. The cutthroats up there have it just as rough.

Risky, I hope you find ways to affect lives with your winnings and with everything you learned. You said it, new start, new day, you've brought light to the darkest corners of you. Nothing can stop you now, Ma...

-ere'bodee's favorite mega, blogninja

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Forecast: Real Chance of Bullsh*t-storm

Looks like I'm gonna haveta' bang out another one today.

Those that know me (@theonlyEL being one!) know that I have a guilty pleasure of Reality Television. I'm a guru. I started with "The Real World" and have become a connoisseur of sorts. "The Amazing Race", "Survivor", "America's Next Top Model", just to name a few. Hit me on Twitter, I'll give you my full resume.

I admit, I watch this garbage. It is the Cult Of Personality grinding out douchebaggery in epic portions. I love it.

So back in the day, I got wind of "Flavor of Love" after Flavor Flav's stint on "Surreal Life" and that other bizzaro-show with Sly Stallone's ex, I didn't follow New York (the runner-up from FoL) to "I Love New York" (cuz I detest her), but kept up on the highlights through "Talk Soup". From ILNY, there were a few standouts, for different reasons. The two douchebags pictured above (Chance on the left, Real on the right) being a brother duo who came for New York (ugh, vomit in the back of my throat). We next saw them on "I Love Money", where they ended up with their own show, "Real Chance Of Love."

I'ma take a second to shout-out Risky and Cali, two girls from the show that are big-time Twitterholics. Ironically, these are the two girls who were the final choices for Chance, and he chose neither. This is the impetus for my blog.

As I said, I've been watching reality tv for awhile. Unlike a show along the lines of T.I.'s "Road To Redemption" (which was absolutely fantastic in focus, authenticity, and intent), these shows have no 'redeeming' value. The televison equivalent of nachos, or Twinkies. I watched the show because I thought Real, was real. He came off as very earnest when he was on "I Love New York", and on "I Love Money 2" we felt for him when his romantic overtures were rebuffed by Hoopz. So going into "Real Chance of Love", I wanted him to come away with a good girl. His eventual selection was Cornfed, or Abbi Noah as she is wanting to be called these days.

After going through the trials and tribulations of the entire season, to make it to the end and have the guy completely get the big-head (no pun intended) for all the chicks that come out of the woodwork is a real booby prize (again, no pu... ah, whatever). And when I say a hard-fought victory, for some people that was literal. There was some emotional investment on the part of myself, my Mom and my sister, we watched ardently. We had our favorites, at least as far as Real was concerned (I thought any girl who would knowingly commit themselves to Chance should commit themselves). To hear CornFed's version of events, you feel really bad for her. I want to quote a bit of what she said in her blog:

"I had an amazing time on Real Chance of Love. I made some amazing friends and I fell for Real. Anyone who says that reality tv is fake or the people are acting, well that's your opinion. But I was NOT acting! I am NOT fake! Very very far from it infact. What I felt for Real was sooo real. I will always hold this experience very dear to my heart. "

Doesn't sound to me like someone was faking. She's admitting that she developed real feelings for him. I don't need her words to know it, I saw it, but this confirms what I always knew to be true. "Reality" tv is not literal, but you are who you are. If you're real, you'll be real. If you are fake, the camera shows that too. Yes, things can be edited, taken out of context, but after enough time on-screen, who you truly are will reveal itself.

It takes ten seconds of on-screen time for you to realize that Chance is a Grade-A, Full-Blast, Dead-On Jerk-Off. Very simple. But Real turned out to be anything but what he appeared to be. Or he was real, and now we see that he has completely been seduced by the fame of the show and is now something other than what he started as. That's sad.

If given a choice between true love and fame, I'd take love over and over, because we all know fame is an illusion (unless you're believing your own press releases). Same thing make you laugh, make you cry, and if fame and vanity are your motivation, you are in for a fall most predictable as it is assuredly painful. Watching "Curse Of The Lottery", I heard a quote that stuck with me, "You are the same person you were 5 minutes before winning the lottery as you are 5 minutes after." If that's the case for millions of dollars, then it's most certainly the same for a reality show. Real now has thousands of reality-groupies throwing themselves at him, and rather than go with the girl who fought through that warped Funhouse to be with him, he's going for a second run into infamy. Guess 15 Minutes of Fame is worth a lifetime of happiness.

I feel a little like Jerry Springer trying to shine redeeming light on this Circus, but I am a romantic. I believe true love can exist even in undue scrutiny. But Real and Chance have whored themselves to the Cult Of Personality, reaching beyond their station of E-List Stardom and believing themselves worthy of playing with people's lives. If one believes in karma, we can only imagine what's to come of these two. Chance was the brother that was most cringe-worthy when he came on, but now it's Real that makes me shake my head in disdain. Chance didn't portray himself to be anything more than Emperor Douche, and the women who go on that show (in the new season) and pledge their "love" are getting what they deserve. I just wish Real had the same decency rather than playing the "Good Guy" role. And 'decenct' probably isn't a word I should be trying to apply to him.

-ere'bodee's favorite mega, blogninja

PS With all that being said, I'm going to avoid "Real Chance Of Love 2" like MRSA out of respect for Abbi, Risky, MILF, Bay Bay Bay, and Cali.

Blogging, How I Love Thee...

Ugh, feels good to stretch beyond the contraints of 140 characters and blow off a little steam. I'm typing and I'm not worried about my character count.

I'm not complaining, mind you. I have come to appreciate Twitter very much. Twitter is like conversational haiku to me. But I'm sure it would become annoying if someone were to speak to you only in 5-7-5 syllable paragraphs after awhile.

You read what I write. I write whatever I please. I hope you enjoy.

See? Another sentence like that, and I think my skin might crawl.

No, I do enjoy my Twitter. I love even more that my better half is there also, although she doesn't have my zest or zeal for it. I do secretly wish she'd tweet more. Or, not so secretly.

I'm writing now because someone paid me a high compliment. Rob Dougan, a really nice guy and a musician who contributed to "The Matrix" and "Matrix Reloaded" soundtracks actually took the time to read through my posts and said "that guy can write." He's not the only person who's told me that (I hear you, Boo!), but he's a person who a) doesn't know me from Adam and b) is extremely talented in his own right. (My future Mother-In-Law also thinks I'm a helluva writer, and for those of you married you know what it is to have your in-laws think highly of you. Or to not think highly of you! =) )

I mean, seriously... the "Lady In Red" scene in the Matrix? When Morpheus was training Neo? That's "Clubbed to Death". That's HIS joint. They used it in the trailer for "Ultraviolet" too.

So I felt like that was a blog-worthy occurence.

The other reason is I stumbled upon the blog for Mike Choi. For those unfamiliar with who he is, he's most famous for his work on WitchBlade and X-Men. I thought I had a mouth. I love this guy's blog. He really gives you a peek into the inner workings of his mind, and it's an entertaining romp. I liked him before because he created X-23, I like him even more because I think that we are kindred souls, at least as far as expressing ourselves through writing is concerned.

I miss blogging when I don't do it.

I guess I understand the difference between those born to blog, and those who choose to blog. I've said before that I would do this if no-one read these. I'm not blowing smoke up anybody's ass when I say that, I mean it. The reason being just because nobody is reading them right now doesn't mean they won't be interesting to someone else later on. I used to journal when I was a kid. Due to my nomadic existence (I've actually had occasions in my youth where I went to multiple elementary schools in one calendar school year), I don't have those anymore. Had there been an internet when I was in school, I might have chronicled some of those stories here for the world. Trust me, some of the things I've done would have been perfect scenes for movies like "Superbad", or even "Menace II Society".

But I do love blogging.

Someday, I won't be here. I will move on to whatever comes next... and when I do, I'd like to know that my words, my pure unfiltered thoughts and beliefs will remain, and anyone who cares to know what I felt, how I thought, will still be around and available for anyone who cares to know. I don't know what they'll think or how they'll feel about it, and that's not really for me to know or concern myself with. It will be what it is. Hopefully they will glean some understanding of what it was to live in what feels like quite remarkable times. People all over the world are a part of this digital tapestry. Never in our history have people been able to connect in the ways we do today.

I haven't blogged about the events in Iran, or the changes in the Gaza Strip that are taking place right now, but I do watch them intently. They are echoes of the changes on the horizon. Iran doesn't want to be cut off from the world anymore, and the leadership of their country seems dead-set on holding them back in a period when the thought police held them in check. Iran's youth (in comparison to the spiritual leaders, people all around my age and younger) don't see the world as their leaders do. Their blogs will, or should, be a part of the story years from now when people talk about the digital uprising, the revolution that took place on Twitter.

I don't want to overestimate my own dignitas (thanks for that one, Mike), but then again, I don't want to underestimate it, either. People like myself are the reason we changed history in electing Barack Obama, through word and deed (you best believe I vote), and we continue to shape the world everyday by simply choosing to speak.

The people of a democratic society are unique in that they have perspective on what one voice means. Afghanistan is experiencing that for themselves through "Afghan Star", their equivalent of "American Idol" (or "Pop Idol" from Britain, if you want to be technical. They came first). Not only are some of their women "voting" for the first time, women are risking their lives participating as contestants. Literally risking their lives. When the Taliban was in full swing in their country, music was outlawed. Now people are singing in the streets, and I don't think they are going to be able to put that genie back in that bottle. These changes are powerful events to those of us who are scholars of history. Why do you think it was illegal to teach slaves to read and write? I'll put this in a term that's used in the Hood: You'd do better if you knew better. Ignorant people are easily controlled. Those with knowledge can envision better.

So in an effort to make my ramblings coherent, let me attempt to sum this up: I love blogging because it's my voice amongst the din, and someday someone will tune in to my frequency and maybe find the courage to say what they think and feel. In the event that my Life-Plans come to fruition, I will be of moderate interest to people I'm not related to in any way, but will impact nonetheless. If you're reading my blogs, I hope you see yourself in the same light. I'm reading your blogs and being inspired all the time. Just like others, I'm not always commenting, but I'm reading. Like the sign in the Oracle's kitchen, I hope you "Temet Nosce", because that's the only way others can share in what it was to be you, because there's truthfully no one like you.

-ere'bodee's favorite mega, blogninja

Monday, July 6, 2009

Talk Is On Clearance, It's Cheap

One of my fellow artists in Duval, the young Urban Champ says in the nicest way that I tend to be "opinionated". I take it as a compliment. I've been pretty consistent on the Duval Scene (and I use the term 'scene' loosely) in my music, personality, and writings. If you know me, you know me through my writings as well as my music, or maybe even a face-to-face conversation. I've worked with many on the scene, and some I consider family even when my behavior hasn't been the best. Bluntly put, I have been an asshole at times, no other way to put it. But I'd like to think that I'm consistent and honest. I mean, there's a lot of different ways to be a jerk, but being blunt and saying too much is preferable to someone who says one thing and does another. I abhor hypocrisy. But something I have said in my blogs before: I would rather be hated for what I truly am than be loved for something I'm not.

Relationships change over years. Duval is not that big, and after time your reputation will precede you in certain situations. I am not the most popular person in any given room, but in most rooms you can find someone that I've helped on occasion. One of my closest and longtime friends, David Robinson (@fromduval), we've not always seen eye-to-eye. We are both headstrong individuals, but we've learned to work together over the years. I truly appreciate the differences between us now and learned the benefits of having someone around that has a different opinion from me.

My brother @tza_unlimited wrote a blog about wanting to bring together like-minded individuals and help the music scene come together. This is something we've attempted on different occassions, and it's not easy. You'll fail more times than you will ever succeed, but it's still a noble cause. Part of why I'm able to work with D.R. is that I realize that I'm not always right and that sometimes someone else is going to have a better perspective than I might. I am not infalliable. It would be nice if some other people would or could realize that themselves.
I'm being very roundabout in what I'm saying because I don't want to call anyone out, that's not going to bring the scene closer together, but I gotta point out that actions speak louder than words. If you really want to help people, you'd do it. If you have a bunch of bullshit you want to sit around and argue about, you'll do that too. Tza summed it up very succintly:

"I personally don’t have any reasons not to reach out or this blog would not have been posted, persons such as yourself or anyone else taking the time to read this and interested in having a go at it should take steps to clear up any concerns if truly interested in working on something. Otherwise continually commenting on the complexities is no more than an effort to hinder what I’m trying to do."

Some will come under the guise of helping you, but have their own personal demons they need to exorcise. I've worked with dozens of artists in Duval over the years. The truth is I've never had a problem going back to work with people for professional reasons. I'm good at what I do. David Robinson, DuvalPhatt, Ms. Chanel, Aaron Jr., and Grizzly (the artist formerly known as Blakhart) are people I think will publically vouch for that. The people I've had personal relationships with, well, that's a horse of a different color. I don't make a secret of my life. Failed marriage, cheating, and everything that comes along with that. Anyone who will take issue with you for personal reasons is someone who you really should be careful of, because that's someone with something to hide. People hate in you things that they see in themselves.

Those artists out there who are trying to get ahead, realize that there is strength in numbers. One or two artists can leak out, or we can nuture and develop our own scene and lift us all. If you're a selfish, weak, scared little artist who can't stand the thought of someone else getting more shine than you, continue your backstabbing, back-biting ways and we'll see how far you manage to get. I believe that if people can't find a way to survive in the Duval Scene (which is treacherous at best), you don't have what it takes to survive outside of Duval, because the view only gets worse as you go up, not better. Soon there will be "journalists" who will talk shit about your music, trolls who will stalk your boards to post hateful shit about you to fulfill their own sense of self-worth, and haters who will hate on you for nothing more than the fact that you have what they want.

I have learned to appreciate the people that hate on me, because infamy is the same as fame to me now. Hate is my battery acid. It powers me. I've accomplished much in the past few months because I ain't addressing the hate, I'm recycling it. Turning it into something useful. If you're wasting time hating me, I'm going to give you some serious advice: don't waste your time. Go find your Dharma and move on. Spend more time accomplishing your goal instead of trying to block someone else from theirs.

And if you really want to help the scene, put out the best music you can. Work with those you can, and keep it moving. Don't waste a second trying to pick fights in blogs. If you're done, be done. It's disappointing when you know people are capable of so much more.

-ere'bodee's favorite mega, blogninja