Wednesday, August 6, 2014

I Miss My Blog

I was watching "White House Down" a few months ago and Channing Tatum called his daughter's YouTube channel a "vlog".

"They don't call them vlogs anymore, Dad."

Wow. I knew I was getting old, but I always thought I was technologically "in-the-know" because I've existed here (in cyberspace) for what seems like forever.

I was on,, BlackPlanet, MySpace, etc. I have a long digital footprint. But I haven't a clue what to call a video blog other than a "vlog".

Anyway, I miss my blog. I miss the interaction. I miss the exchange. I miss the platform.

I decided that I'd stop in and jot down a few new words since I still have this address pasted across my Twitter page, I should do something to show I'm still alive. Maybe I'll have some other things to post here. Regardless, I miss this space. What I plan to do about it? Not really sure, will have to think about it for awhile. When I had an Android phone I considered mobile blogging, but typing on a touchscreen is really not typing as I know it. I prefer a keyboard so I can get into a definitive rhythm. I never feel like I can really get my point fully expressed on a touchscreen. Now I'm on a Windows Phone (which I love, by the way), so that's not even an option anymore, thanks.

My son told me an absolutely hilarious urban legend about a guy I know personally who was thought to be a kidnapper and a child molester... I guess you had to be there. Anyway, it came off as a marvelous idea for a short story or a script. I might have to look into it. Maybe I'll post some of it here, leave it out there as a buried "treasure" if you're a fan of my work. Someone may come here and stumble upon it and say "Yo, I didn't know he wrote this? How did I miss this?"

Yeah, as if anybody still cares.

I totally understand. I'm doing my own Hank Moody lately. I do have some great ideas, but I'm not sure which I want to commit to. Whatever it is, it's going to have to be something that I can't share with anyone until it's finished, I'm hoping to do an eBook. I need to get crackin'.

So if you're lucky enough to find this, you have just a little more insight into what I got planned than the next guy.

Assuming you give a fuck.

You do give a fuck, right?