Sunday, May 31, 2009

My Homeboi Is Retarded

In a Good way... This is Big Grizzly, The Artist Formerly Known As Blakhart. This is one of my closest homiez, just retarded on the mic. Thanks to Chad Hendricks for laying the vocal over one of his performances of the track.

PLEASE just listen to this and be honest.... My Dude is Nice.

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Friday, May 29, 2009

Letters To The Pen

So back in the day my Man Keith Murray caught a case for some dumb shit that went down in tha' club. For those of you that know me, Def Squad was and remains as one of my major influences. I was a huge EPMD, Das EFX, Redman, K-Solo fan, and when Mr. Murray came down, I just knew that there would never be another crew harder than them and I wanted to be down. It hurt me when Keith caught that case, real talk.... so I had never written a fan letter a day in my life (who believes the actual people intended to read them ever sees them?) but I figured that my man being on lock was a guarantee that he would read it. I don't recall what I said exactly, I basically told him I was a fan, I enjoyed his work, and to take the time inside to work on his craft, he could only get better by doing that. I kept it 100, I ain't a groupie, I'm a fan. I guess he appreciated what I had to say, because he wrote me back. I kept this letter in my backpack as an inspiration to remind me that this game is always about just doing what you feel is right, speak strong, speak honest. Do you. I appreciated it and I keep it around so that when I do see him, I can remind him and say "Yo, I appreciate you writing me back, yo."

So everybody know T.I. just went away for his bid, it's supposed to be a year, and I know we think "Aw, it's just a year..." but we ain't the ones going in there. T.I. is doing FED time. It's kinda like this: Me, I've been to County. It's hard to come to Duval and stay your ass out the county. Trust me when I tell you, stay here long enough, you're going to jail. If it ain't some young dickhead making you do something to him, it's an asshat cop who's got a short dick and a bad attitude. Or a chick cop with something to prove... anyway, you'll go to County. Ice Cube said "The County, you know it's like a party... cuz in the County, you know everybody." You're guaranteed to see somebody you know from somewhere, or meet somebody new. You can still get your ass drug in there, but if you know a few hood cats you should be aiight. Next step is prison, state level.. we call that "Up Tha' Road", cuz they ship you somewhere way the hell away from where you are to make it hard on you... and it works. Prison is some shit I want no parts of. I've done jail... I can handle jail. I don't want to have to handle prison. I will end up with more time, I know it. Florida jails put you in the hands of some redneck ass correctional officers who call you "boy" and "nigger" to your face, and you betta not say shit. The next step up from that, is federal prison. This is a whole different world, because you dealing with cats from everywhere. At least in your state you can clique up. Fed don't offer that. Fed, is no joke. There's more crime going on in the Fed than some people see on the outside.

I'm going on and on, I know I've had two jail-themed blogs back-to-back, sorry about that. (Truthfully, when I have the occasional nightmare, I have nightmares about jail. You'd think those are bad... yeah a little, but not really. The dreams that you are free and when you wake up in jail? Those are worse). But the reason is I asked people to write to somebody you knew in jail. Well, now I'm going to ask you to write somebody specific. 

I have gained so much respect for T.I. since he's been going through everything... first, he lost his friend in what amounts to dumb shit. Had that been me and someone shot my best friend, y'all would see me come out with more guns than Neo & Trinity in the Lobby before they went to save Morpheus. Sorry, I'm Old Testament. But that don't make it right. So that means I probably would have ended up in a similar position as T.I. Actually, I wouldn't, because something I fought hard to keep was my right to vote, and bear arms, so I can legally own weapons (maybe not silencers... that's automatic federal for getting caught with them). But I can't blame him for getting caught up. And now he's come to the realization that he needs to change, and everything he's done has exhibited to me that he gets it. I loved his show "Road To Redemption", to me it was the realest shit on television and an example of how reality shows can actually be real. T.I. did a PSA that was a true reality check.

So now he's going to do his bid, and I plan to support him throughout. Just because. I might get a letter back out of the deal, maybe I won't, but I hope he continues to do what he did going in when he comes out, and maybe hearing from someone he doesn't know can help him do that. I just want to keep his spirits up. If anybody else wants to do it too, here's his address:

P.O. BOX 9000

So that's what's up. And if you don't, don't worry, I will. So I want to get on to writing my man.  I'll get up with y'all later. And remember, the best way to get a blessing, is to be a blessing.

-ere'bodee's favorite mega, blogninja

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Randomness From Ere'bodee's Favorite

Now, I don't really think I'm really going to be "random", per se. I have a friend of mine on Twitter, her name is @Dioracat, she's a pretty nifty blogger (did I just say 'nifty'? OMG, no more "Happy Days" on Nick @ Nite!) and I've enjoyed reading through her blogs and how she embraces her geekness. Geek is actually been very kewl for a long time, the rest of the world just wasn't in on it. Who brought you all the things we do here? Posting online, leaving comments, etc? This came from Bulletin Boards. Most of you out there haven't the foggiest notion of what I'm talking about. Anyway, she can be quite random when she writes, but very stylistic in her randomness. 

I'm all about the structured blog, so to speak, but sometimes it's ok to just let it flow naturally. It's a different rhythm. It's like... jazz for blogging. Yeah. I like that.

Anyway, she's kinda the inspiration. I've got several things on my mind. None would fit for one 'structured' blog, and probably would be quite boring. But this way, I can run through a few thoughts. Hope I don't lose anyone.

Okay, I'ma start with the not-so-serious-but-ever-so-irritating stuff first. Last weekend MTV ran the entire "Star Wars" saga from TPM to ROTJ (that's "The Phantom Menace" and "Return Of The Jedi" for those that don't speak Lucas-ese), and it's got me thinking about the MMO of Star Wars: The Old Republic. I've blogged about it before, I won't bore you with the details again (unless someone specifically asks) but I was on the message boards and saw something that again drives me fucking nuts. 

If you hate something, unless it is a bill that you are trying to keep from passing, what the hell is the point of going to that site of the thing you hate to argue with the people who don't agree with you? Hating is really a full-time job for some of you sad-ass individuals. Wouldn't you be better served doing something maybe you like instead of ripping down something someone else likes? Like Rush Limbaugh. I do hate him, but I don't go to his site to talk to people who think he has something worthwhile to say. I stay the kcuf away from them! They suck. But I'm not going to go after them, that's a waste of my time.

Some people are upset that Knights Of the Old Republic 3 isn't being made, and they just can't help but go after people who don't agree with them. Playing video games is not sad. That shit right there? THAT'S sad. Trying to have these pseudo-debates about how something that looks really good can only "suck" immediately identifies you as a resident of Haterville in Hate-topia. Even if SW:TOR only steals from SonyOnline's Galaxies and gives us thousands of Jedi, WHAT'S THE PROBLEM? Anyway, that's not even really the point. If you don't agree, go and create a site where people like you can co-mingle and interact and share... positively. Stop making Hater-Cakes In your Easy-Hate Oven.

So this week I am writing to one of my homeboys on lockdown. This guy is an amazing talent, one of the best producers in my city, in my opinion, and he made a mistake. Yeah, I know, everybody makes mistakes... but this guy was just not that type. I don't go around flaunting street cred, I don't need to tell y'all what I've done because 1) that's not what real street ninjas do and 2) I don't want nobody testifying against me for a damn thing, but I've known this dude all my life and most of the trouble he got into, *I* was the one that got him into it. But sometimes people who have been around me and my clan when we did dirt think that they can go out and do the same thing, but we had an understanding when we did things together: Loyalty over all, except Honor. If you follow that rule, you can never go wrong. Loyalty means nothing without honor. There's a huge difference between doing wrong and being wrong. I've done much wrong, but I tried to do it for the right reasons. If you saw me beating someone with a baseball bat, it wasn't because he stepped on my shoe. If you saw my nunchakus flying, it wasn't because I was bored and decided to pick on someone helpless. It was because dude tried to rob an old lady in my neighborhood, or some sick bastard tried to lure my sister away from the playground. Police didn't give a shit about me and mine, they'd shoot us just like they'd shoot the actual perpetrator, so we dealt with our own. I'll be honest with you, if I called the police on somebody, I was only building my defense in the event I got caught. I wanted documetation that I was "...doing the right thing." In the event I found myself in the witness box, I wanted to say "Look, I tried to get help from the police.... they took 'x' amount of time to come, and this time, they were too late." See, response times in my hood are probably 10x what they are in your hood, unless they get a chance to shoot at somebody. Then, they are in a hurry.

Geez, this is going all over the place.

Anyway, getting back to my Fam... I'm writing him, because really that's the only thing that makes your time go faster. If you don't do the time, the time will do you. If you know somebody locked up, write 'em a letter. Don't let them feel like they are forgotten and life goes on out here. Yeah, we do have struggles to overcome, but words from home mean a lot. They sometimes can be the difference between someone coming out ready to change and someone coming out bitter and more hateful. Jail is senseless if people can't ever reach contrition. One mistake, we lock you away forever without hope of redemption? 

Now don't get me wrong. Some people are just institutionalized, and they need to be in a dark hole somewhere. But no way everybody deserves that.

Well, that was enough randomness. I'm gonna post this for my enjoyment and hopefully someone else's.... 

-ere'bodee's favorite mega, blogninja

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Journey Of Hajj

Today is the birthday of El Hajj Malik El Shabazz, Detriot Red, Malcom Little... or a name you might know from the Spike Lee Movie or the Autobiography, Malcom X. This man was a very unique, intelligent, powerful, inspirational individual, and everyone should be familiar with who he was for a number of reasons. He shaped race relations in this country for a very long time. 

I can't hope to tell the entire story of his life, but he had his story told first in a book, "The Autobiography of Malcom X", then later in film, "X", directed by Spike Lee. The book should be required reading in all schools for young men around the age of 10. I needed this book earlier in my life and I might not have made some choices I later came to regret. I was at the opening night, November 18th, 1992, and I was nervous. I so wanted this movie to not be bad. I thought that there was no way they could go wrong with Denzel... and I was right. I sat and watched the story completely riveted, knowing what was going to occur, giving Spike his latitude as a filmmaker to interpret the vision. It was masterful. When Malcom rallied the brothers to go save a brother Muslim, I think I actually cheered out loud. And when it came time for him to take that fateful trip to the Audobon Ballroom in Harlem, I almost pleaded out loud for him not to go... and when they shot him, I cried. I knew what happened, but I felt like I was there. I knew only too well what they were losing. 

I don't want this to be all Doom and gloom, but Malcom journey paralleled my own so much. He actually directly influenced mine. As I read the book and I saw what the Nation Of Islam did for Malcom when he was in prison, I began to wonder how might it help me? I read up, I looked into, I went by the Temple over on 8th Street (next to I-95). I gotta tell you, they were very glad to see me. Made me feel very much at home... I don't want to be immodest, but I think they saw my potential, the fact that I was articulate and handsome, I could convert a lot of people. I thought this was it, but I didn't have the whole story at that point. When the conversation turned to Brother Malcom, one of the brothers said some things that struck me as very negative. I decided that I might have rushed my decision to join and read more into the story of Malcom. I got my answers, and decided that the Nation wasn't going to be the place for me, either.

Malcom X became an Orthodox Muslim and made the Hajj, it's a journey that all Muslims should take at least once in their lifetime to pray in the Holy City of Mecca. There Malcom saw Muslims of all colors calling each other brother and praying with one another. He determined that Islam was the only religion that would allow for the complete elimination of racism. The indoctrination of the Nation Of Islam was so strong that they couldn't believe that whites were allowed into the holy city, they didn't think it possible. 

Malcom reversed his position on working with non-Blacks, and it began to set the stage for an event that I think J. Edgar Hoover was simply not going to allow: The union of Malcom X and Martin Luther King. The whole idea of the COINTELPRO program of the FBI was to "identify, surveil, and eliminate any leader(s) that could polarize the Negro Community". I don't think my Caucasian friends can fully appreciate what it means when you think "my government wanted to make sure we stayed down." This is the mythical "Man", J. Edgar Hoover, doing surveilance on the Black Panther Party, Stokeley Carmichael and the SNCC, Martin Luther King, and Malcom X. I hold the FBI responsible for Malcom's death. There is no (direct) proof that they killed him, but there is evidence provided by them that they knew of the death threats against him, and either they assisted or stood by and allowed it to happen. The scene in the movie where Malcom freed the brother brutalized by the police was a metaphor for the fear many felt about Malcom. Captain Green, the police officer said: "That's too much power for one man to have." He didn't think like King, and truthfully neither could or would I. I wasn't raised that way. I couldn't afford to.

I'm pointing out the truth about Malcom and the impressions of Black people when it comes to "The Man". Sometimes the Man is just a metaphor, but sometimes the man is very literal. "The Man" had a name in this case. This was a government entity that worked from a position of power to hold down a specific group of people for their own personal 'shortcomings' (Hoover was secretly gay and liked to dress as a woman), he was driven to oppress an entire group of people. My own interpretation of other events lead me to believe that Hoover may have been instrumental in most of the major assassinations of the 60's. Both Kennedys (John and Robert), King, and El Shabazz.

I have another blog I want to do today because someone is playing the Race Card and I think it's very trife and unfair that they are, but I didn't want to have that be my first blog on El Hajj's Birthday. So I'll wrap this up here and say Thank you El Hajj Malik El Shabazz, because you lived I am the Man I am today, I wonder what I might have become had you lived and I could have worked at your side? Because the person that you were, I don't think I could have resisted going to work beside you, because your mission is still my mission, and while you worked within your religion, I work within my culture of HipHop. A culture that was built on the Spirit of individuals like you.

I Am Malcom X. 

-ere'bodee's favorite mega, blogninja

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Ice Cream, Sex, and "Melting Pots"

(Yeah, I've used this song before on my MySpace blog, but this will be cross-posted on, it's one of my favorites, and it fits the theme again)

Vanilla ice cream is not my favorite. I'll eat it, but it's just not. Chocolate is pretty good, but it can be too much. My favorite flavor has always been Fudge Ripple as a child and as an adult. Something about the stripes side-by-side and the flavors together just worked for me.

Me and a good friend were hanging out last week and came across a book title that instantly intrigued us both, "Why Black Men Love White Women" by Rajen Persaud. It piqued our interests so much so that she balked at the $25.oo hardcover price and bought it (I would have read the whole book in the store, but I read 500wpm and can get away with that). We then swung through Starbucks, grabbed a caramel frap & I read two chapters out loud.

As I stated, I've only read two chapters of the book, but I've juggled the subject in my head ever since because I came across another book while searching to tell someone about the first. The second book is entitled "Why It Ain't All Good: Why Black Men Should Not Date White Women" by John Johnson. I only read an excerpt from it, but from the outset Johnson steps into the turbulent waters of Sex and Slavery.

Nothing leaves me more incensed than to hear young, stupid (yeah, I said it) white kids say "Slavery was so long ago, we need to forget it." When they say that, I say "When Jewish people forget the Holocaust, I'll forget slavery." The slightly smarter ones stop at that point. The really stupid ones keep going. Now, I'm not walking around with a Nat Turner I-Just-Saw-Roots hard-on ready to lay waste to anything W.A.S.P-y, I'm saying we need to keep it in historical context. Forgetting about it means to misunderstand the dynamics of interracial relationships as they exist right now.

See, even though we rarely see Black women and White men together, it does happen, and actually I will go on record and say that historically there have been more White men/Black woman unions than Black men/White woman unions. Before you trip, think long and hard about how long this has all been going on. For 400 years in this country, Black women had no choice but to do whatever their slavemasters told them. Some statistics show that back then, all Black girls by the age of 14 had at least 1 sexual encounter with a White male. As recently as 60 years ago, a young Black male around the same age by the name of Emmett Till was murdered for just allegedly whistling at a White female store clerk. Every Black NFL, MLB and NBA player in the US would have to screw night and day for 100 years to catch up. We'd have to throw in the European footballers for good measure.

The subject has always plagued/intrigued me because of my own history. When I entered elementary school, Duval County was just beginning to bus students from Black neighborhoods into White ones in order to comply with Brown v. Board of Education. I remember vaguely my grandmother and mother conversing about me and my younger brother going to school with White kids, I heard the concern in their voices. The first crush I had on a non-Black girl was in the 1st Grade. The girl that I liked was the only girl in my reading group, my only intellectual equal in my class. This is they dynamic I was speaking of. In the Black community (due in part to Willie Lynch-ism) we have the stigma of Intelligence = white. It's 'cool' to be stupid, and 'square' to be smart. To speak intelligently was to speak "White", so I was a nerd. Now, growing up in Grand Park and New Town (aka Pakistan), I was in the truest hood in Duval, so later I became what I like to call "The World's Most Dangerous Nerd", but this was how I was viewed by the Black women. I was a nerd, and therefore unattractive to many of my own race.

I would be remiss to say that this didn't affect my choices in woman at all, but I have always been open-minded in my choices of relationships. Although one can look and say "You only date White girls", the existence of my oldest son (who is Black) totally discounts that sweeping allegation. My criteria has always been to date those that appeal to me on multiple levels: physical, mental, and spiritual. There was only one period of my life where I was exclusionary, from the time I was 18 until 20 when I dated exclusively Black (I briefly considered joining the Nation Of Islam). After that I came to the realization that all women were crazy, and cutting out one race over another was only going to limit my possibilities. (I'm not saying I was right, I'm saying this was my rationalization...)

I may have spoken on this in some of my previous blogs, but my first encounter with the Black female over my dating choices occurred in the 8th or 9th Grade. Around that time I was competing in taekwondo tournaments, helping one of my good friends practice for the wrestling team, and sparring with another friend who was boxing. In other words, the brother was in shape. Good shape. I remember sitting in class and three sistas were together whispering and one was giving me the stink-eye. I asked her "What the f*ck is your problem?" She looked at me, rolled her eyes and said "You date White girls."

Since I haven't read both books in their entirety I can't speak on all parts of their premise, but one thing I did notice in what I did read was the overwhelming negativity associated with the reasons for interracial dating. In "Why Black Men Date White Women", the author talks about the desire of some Black men to make "pretty babies" and provide an opportunity for their child to not endure the same prejudice they encountered. I think this is the entire premise for the 2nd book in reasoning that Black Men should not date White women at all, that it somehow 'disrespects' Black women. I personally find that whole idea to be a big steaming pile of bullshit. 

The whole identity of the Black Family in the United States has been fractured and dysfunctional at best, and while we have endured and some even prospered, it's a history fraught with rape, murder, humiliation, incarceration, and dehumanization. As previously stated, any Black or White person who tries to use the Illusion of "racial purity" is most certainly delusional. The Institution of Slavery changed all that. I am a proud Black man who celebrates the genius of W.E.B. DuBois, the oratorical prowess of Malcom X, and the courage of Harriet Tubman and Mary McCloud-Bethune. I know my Black History, but I don't believe that somehow all of that will just vanish because I have a child that is mulatto, octoroon, quadroon or whatever useless term you want to label them with. Halle Berry is celebrated/vilified depending on who you are talking to, but her mother is an idol of mine. When Halle was faced with the dual racism of being of mixed heritage, she asked her mother "What am I?" Her mother told her "You are a Black girl with a White Mother." This was an oversimplification, but it provided Halle with the tools she would need to succeed. When children of mixed heritage face the world, it's better for them to view themselves as Black to prepare them for the eventual racism they will face. To not do so is to line them up to be knocked on their ass. 

The woman I've (very happily) committed the rest of my life to is not only White, she's British, and actually has a very strong opinion on racism (hates it like Luda hates O'Reilly). I celebrate our differences, but our differences are not as much racial as cultural (American vs British) and we celebrate those differences. It provides the most balanced relationship I've ever had. The part of my relationship I enjoy most is my relationship with my (future) mother-in-law. She loves me, and I love her back. She knows that I want nothing more than to make her daughter the happiest she can be, and doesn't care about my color, only about how I treat her daughter. There was nothing I hated more back in the day than meeting the family of the women I was involved with. It was a game of "Find the Racist", because there would invariably be one. My ex-wife's family threw her out when she got pregnant, actually tried to talk her into abortion (and ironically I had to go to my son's confirmation with them... what makes a Catholic family reconsider abortion? Their daughter pregnant with a Black man's child), and her father told her "I'd rather you marry a poor white man than a rich Black one." Good times, I tell you, good times.

I'm anxiously waiting for my friend to finish the book so I can write more about it, because it's something that's not going to go away. I hope that one day it is much like Hillary Clinton said about her run for President, that it will be quite unremarkable. The one hope for the future that I have is that most of the hardcore Racists are dying out, and the people who want to live together will not have to deal with their toxic and divisive perspectives. Keep dying, you sorry sons-of-bitches, keep dying... and whomever you choose to love, just love them with everything you have and celebrate the differences between.

So anybody willing to share their own experiences with interracial dating, please feel free to comment. Do you think there's a 'reason' for you dating the person (or persons, LOL) you are dating? Have you ever considered it? Why, or why not? What myths have you heard, or maybe you have a question? Feel free to comment (and if you're reading this on my MySpace Page) and kudos, while not required (yes, IkeDiggety, you no-kudo-giving-dude you) they are appreciated.

-ere'bodee's favorite mega, blogninja

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

EFM and Religion 101: A Guide For The Uninitiated


Well, as desperately broke as I am right now, you wouldn't think that I would be glad to "lose" money, but I'm in a situation where I'm rather glad to get something out of the way that's been bothering me. Lately, it seems like a lot is irritating me. I guess I'm just frustrated. But lets get to the point:

Okay, for those that don't know me, I have a best friend who is Christian. I don't really have a religious denomination, because I personally think that organized religion is nothing more than a tool by which people divide people, but we'll come back to that later. Anyway, Ill is a great friend, he's been pushing my beats to some other inspirational rappers and they wanted to purchase some beats from me. All good, I can deal with it. I've heard some of the guys, and they can use the help. Christian Rap usually sucks, to be honest. I've heard a few guys who are very good, but the majority suck. The problem being that the focus isn't on the music, it's on the message. So since Ill thinks I'm better-than-average producer, he wanted to hook them up with some of my beats. 

So I email him the beats, they check them out, they like them. They Google me, and my MySpace page comes up. Well, that was the end of that. They read my last post and say "Oh, we can't work with him, he uses profanity." Now according to Ill, they weren't rude about it, they even complimented my writing ability, but they felt like if they use my beats and some young fan Googles me the way they did, it could send the wrong message. Okay, I can dig it. But it irritates me just the same for a number of reasons.

This might sound strange coming from me because I just told you my best friend is a Christian (my best friend is also registered Republican): Generally, Christians get on my last fucking nerve.

I am no Christian, but I try to live my life like Christ. He did what he did to help, he did not judge, he loved all unconditionally. Actually, Jesus was a revolutionary. If he were around today, he'd be hanging with me and my people, not the sanctimonious pricks you find in churches. Having grown up in the South, I have had all I can stand of the Bible-Thumpers who look down on me one second, then I catch them in the strip club later. I'm speaking literally, not figuratively.

Religion is the shield everyone is quick to jump behind to show how contrite they are (unless you're in Hollywood or politics, then it's rehab), and I just believe that's the biggest bunch of bullshit ever. One of my exes did the exact same thing when we broke up to show just how much better her life was when we split, she went running to the church and even drug me along to a few sermons when we were trying to get back together. But not once during this 'church' thing did she stop having premarital sex. I bet she's going to church right now while still fornicating all over the place. I'm not trying to single out my ex, she was just the perfect example of the open hypocrisy of the (people of the) Church.

I have some historical issues with the church, especially in the South. Black people here in the South love them some church. When I was a kid, I was in church every Sunday I was at my Grandmother and Great-Grandmother's house. Oh, how I hated it. I think that's why I hate suits now. Bright and early Sunday morning, we were dragged from bed and forced into church. Sometimes you could work out a deal and go to Sunday school and skip church, but if it was First Sunday, all bets were off. You were going to be in church until damn near 2pm. We're talking anywhere from 3-4 hours. That... sucked. Sitting there in a hot ass church, in a suit, for hours, listening to some blowhard who just doesn't seem to know when to just shut... the... fuck... up. When I turned 12 my mom decided that it was my choice whether I went to church, and I went to my Boy Scout activities there, but I was out of that other shit, full stop.

But that's just my personal history. Speaking on American history, I don't know why Black people love the church so much when the church was very much instrumental in our servitude here. Africans didn't practice Christianity, and in the beginning, neither did the slaves. We were property. The mentality of the whites at that time was "You wouldn't bring your cow to church, why bring a slave?" We were property and were not worthy of their religion. It wasn't until William Lynch wrote his letter to the Southern SlaveMasters that they began to realize and exploit the benefits of indoctrination and assimilation. If you teach a slave to be a 'good Christian', then he would tell on the other slaves for stealing food, because everybody knows stealing is wrong. Slaves were not permitted to gather en masse for fear of them organizing against their masters, but church was the only exception. So Blacks in the South devoted themselves to it, it was the only way we could have 'community', was in communion.

Religion was the dividing line between Malcom and Martin. Martin Luther King wanted peaceful protest. Malcom X was not so accomodating. I fell closer to Malcom, I ain't with that 'turn the other cheek' shit too much. I turn a cheek once. Once you slap the other one, what am I supposed to do? The people of the Church were complacent for too long, in my opinion. I almost joined the Nation Of Islam because of my feelings towards the Christian Baptist Church, but I couldn't swallow some of their more-controversial beliefs (All whites being devils and all Blacks being good was a little too much for me. During that time I had Caucasians that I called Brothers and Negroes I was literally trying to kill, I mean shooting at them when I saw them). But anyone that studies history knows that first the soldiers come in, then the missionaries come next, because once the body is enslaved, you just have to put a lock on the mind and you got them.

Going back to being a kid in church, they made a fatal mistake with me that I hold onto to this day. Right around the time I was 10, somebody approached me and wanted to 'save' me. He sat down with me and talked about Jesus, and God, and how he loved me and died for my sins, and he asked me if I read the Bible (which I had, I loved reading bible stories as a kid) but I asked him about two thing that utterly fascinated me in the 5th grade... dinosaurs and UFOs. I couldn't understand why they weren't in the Bible?

I can only imagine what must have gone through this man's mind faced with an inquisitive know-it-all kid like myself and being asked a question that continues to stump the religious, but he tried to resort to a "You-just-have-to-believe" explanation. That officially let me know that these people in this whole Church thing are the biggest bunch of idiots ever if they thought they were going to tell me to ignore something I can see with my own eyes for something you're telling me. I've grown older and done investigation of my own, considering information from different sources, and I still don't have a definitive answer for those questions, but I know that I still believe that UFOs exist, that this universe is way too fucking big for our planet to be the only one with life on it, and I see fossils all the damn time and they are a new kind of stupid if I'm going to forget that.

Russell Simmons is one of my rabbis. If you read his book "Do You!: 12 Laws to Access the Power in You to Achieve Happiness and Success", he defines a rabbi as a spiritual advisor, someone who helps you in your path to enlightenment. If Uncle Rush does it or says it, I'm down with it. One of his quotes from the book is "I'm more concerned with cursed actions than curse words." I can care less about the fact that someone might use profanity if his actions demonstrate that he is a person who is concerned about the welfare of others. Obviously I can speak without using profanity if I so choose, but that's my choice. If you can't deal with me for that fact alone, then speed on before you get peed on. Less and less people define themselves as 'religious' in the United States, and I see that trend continuing. I could do a whole 'nother blog on the subject of gay marriage. I'm sorry that I won't be getting that money because I could really use it right now, but I respect their principles and I hope they find someone who fits their image better. If this makes me undesirable, I'd rather be hated for what I am than liked for something I'm not.

In other words, please feel free to suck dick through a fucking straw.

-ere'bodee's favorite mega, blogninja

Friday, May 8, 2009

Let's Hear It For Little Miss Dumbass, Bristol!

Okay, during the election it truly killed me when the Republicants cried about Sarah Palin's family being 'off-limits', and the now-POTUS avoided the potential backlash by wisely declaring the same thing, but since it's pretty obvious her Mom is dead-set on political maneuvering in some hubris-fueled aspiration at running against Obama in 2012, she's now 18 and legally (but certainly not mentally) an adult, I feel I would be remiss to not say something about her recent 'new job' and 180 on the subject of abstinance. 
For those of you that might have missed it, Mommy's Little Empire-Killer and Evil Baby-Mama is now the spokesperson for an Abstinance Campaign in New York. How the hell does this work? Anyway, I mentioned before that during the election that kid Levi Johnson, the baby-daddy, was the world's most high-profile political prisoner. Only the most stupid were surprised when they split after the GOP got their balls snipped and Ziplocked in the election, and now they are battling it out on the talk show circuit (I thought my breakups were nasty). LJ is still KIR and saying "Abstinance alone does not work..." but Bristol Palin aka Yukon Brittney is going on The Today Show and sounding a lot like her mother in the Katie Couric interview. I really am starting to wish that Sarah and her Husband got their wish of Alaska seccession, or we could put a wall around Alaska until they aren't in power anymore... or just give it to Canada and make it their problem.
Every day since November the Republicant party (yeah, I call them Republi-can'ts. Because they can't do shit other than criticize and cock-block, they are not useful for anything other than messing shit up) has sunk further and further. I laughed when they picked Sarah Palin (just so damn transparent, John McCain, You Mavericky-Maverick Sellout-Dude), I laughed when they lost, and I'm still laughing that they are letting Rush Limbaugh (the pill-poppin' drug-addicted hypocrite) speak as the face of the party, they put a token negro in charge (he's Obama-Lite, but without the annoying Liberal shit... okay, he's Obama-Right) in Michael Steele, then emasculated him (yeah, that whole "Fear Of A Black Penis" thing again), and the whole idea of abstinance-only programs are absolutely the stupidest thing I've ever heard. Kids nowadays don't think that oral sex 'counts' as having sex, we have the HPV virus that can lead to cancer, and these complete asshats from the Bush Era are denying federal funding to any state that teaches any sort of responsible sexual behavior. I think that's why I'm so vehemetly opposed to Conservatives. Don't get me wrong, I know that Democrats are not squeaky-clean, but they just aren't nearly as blatantly moronic, religiously ignorant, and willfully nonsensical as the Republicans choose to be. As soon as someone says "Republican", I think "hubris" or "ostentatious". I think 8 years of watching Rome burn and President Hee-Haw playing the fiddle all the way back to Texas. They make me retch. And now, we have Ms. Ready-for-Reality-TV telling kids "Don't Do What I Did, Cuz You're Smarter Than Me." No, Bristol. They aren't. They are teenagers. They come pre-loaded with brain damage, enough to take them right through college. They will not listen when we say "Don't have sex." Just like your stupid ass.

-ere'bodee's favorite mega, blogninja