Sunday, November 27, 2011

What's The Plan, Stan?

I hate to be presumptuous about time. I've posted updates on my Facebook before reminding us that tomorrow is not promised, Death has it's own schedule. We can't let that stop us from living, and part of living involves plans and dreams...

"Tomorrow is NOT promised."

I think as a country we've been in a dark period. Political discourse has been the norm ever since we elected our 44th President back in 2008. The irony is that I don't think I've ever been more hopeful as I was after that, and now I think I'm probably the most disappointed I've ever been in our country. A lot of people could argue that I shouldn't let politics affect me in such a way, but it is what it is. It matters. The toughest parts of my youth were under Reagan and Bush. The best parts of my adult life were under Clinton, and everything since then have been a struggle under Bush Jr. I know, I know, this is coming off as a political blog, but it's not, trust me.

Making things a little more personal, I've been in a holding pattern for a number of years now... While I love my hometown, I've seen what life away from Duval can be like through my own experiences (in NY) and the experiences of my friends (Alyssa in NY, Rob Roy in LA, Daisey and Batsauce in Europe), and my own goal has been to go back out into the world. If you ever set foot in NYC and see what that city has to offer, you can never forget it. It's the character of the place itself. I've been watching "How To Make It In America" and I can't lie, every episode makes me miss NY that much more.

I assume that everyone who reads my blog has read it before, that's a poor assumption on my part. I should remind folks of my history. A few years back (2003) I met a guy in the county that later became my good friend... he was an artist, had a development deal with Epic and I produced a few tracks for him. He was managed by a woman who was managing Memphis Bleek at the time and was living in Brooklyn. He invited me up, I dragged myself and my huge Triton Classic on a Greydawg and took up residence in the Bronx.

I ended up living in a studio on the corner of 165th and Washington. If you know this part of town, you know, this is the real gully borough... Duval prepared me for it, trust me. These guys was the truest definition of underground. The two guys who owned the studio (I remember Barry, can't recall his brother's name, but he was the realest. Made sure I never went anywhere without money of my own in my pocket if I put in work) were not rich, they were some guys who came into some money and decided to invest it in a recording studio. Nobody ever considered that they might need to fix some of the stuff if it ever broke down, so when the hard drive crashed on the Yamaha AW1600 and they found out that servicing it would cost $350 and lose them a couple days of studio bookings, you should have seen the look on their faces when I said "If you buy the new drive, I'll put it in and we won't lose any days of bookings." GetoGeek saved the day, I became Mega the computer guy.

Being a part of their team felt good, because those of you who have experience being in charge of anything know that the leader has a bullseye trained on his head at all times. Stepping down and being an essential part of something was educational and liberating. If I had previous knowledge of what I was stepping into, I would have been better prepared to take advantage of the opportunities a metropolis like New York has to offer. I'd like another crack at the Big Apple.

So without going too far into the War Story Chest, I plan to make the road my home in 2012. I got a group of insanely talented friends in North Carolina (shouts to Mr. Invisible and N'DANGR Species) I want to make some music with them. I plan to do everything with Native Instruments products, so I hope we can even get their attention. Much of this is spurred by the announcement of Google Music, which I think is a watershed moment in digital music, especially if you are an artist in this day and age.

I don't want to go into the whole Mayan Calendar thing, but 2012 seems like the year we all need to be getting on with whatever it is we want to get done. I'd hate to remind you... but tomorrow ain't promised. In fact, it ain't even inferred.

-ere'bodee's favorite mega, blogninja

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Confessions Of A Lifelong Blogger

I was blogging before I knew what the word meant.

I have been keeping a journal my whole life... well, not my WHOLE life, but by the time I was 16 it was a requirement. I didn't keep it to let a bunch of people read it, but it's funny how that seems to happen. I personally would never pick up someone's journal and start reading. Maybe it's something about people who understand what it is to document certain events. It's also the nature of nosey fucking bastards to pick something up and read it without asking. They would never write down certain things because they wouldn't want you to know (like the fact that your 19-year-old best friend is sleeping with the mother of your other 18-year-old best friend... thanks, dude. And you got mad at me because you read in my journal that I ALMOST slept with you EX-girlfriend? That's audacity). The irony is that even if you don't write it down, eventually the embarrassing thing will STILL come out, so why bother hiding it?

So later on I started keeping a digital journal, but those things disappear faster than the hardcopy/paper ones. One virus, and years of work would just go down the drain. I've had to adopt a "Oh well, shit happens" frame-of-mind in regards to them and say "Maybe that wasn't meant to be shared, it just had to be written" kind of attitude towards those. This was long before "The Cloud" was even thought of. Backing up was an activity you set aside an entire day to do. (None of you noobs remember tape backups, do you? Don't lie, I'll know! What was the one thing that could screw an entire back up? Post it in the comments if you know...)

Then in 2005, a funny thing happened. I don't remember how, but I ended up on a little site called MySpace, and I notice this little feature called "Blogging". I check it out, and I'm like....wait, whatthefuck? I can post things, whatever I want, and people can read and comment on it? Seriously?

My Blog was called "The Big Bad Blog". Didn't start off that way, but it evolved into it. Know why? Well, the tables had turned. At first, I had to hide my journal because everybody wanted to know what I was saying about them. Later on, things changed. It wasn't about what I was writing about them, they were far more concerned with what people were reading about them... My blog throughout my family is infamous. The way they talk you'd think I was documenting people's bowel movements. I never did. In honesty, I wrote about my interactions and frustrations. Sometimes, I named names. Sometimes, I didn't. The ones I think that really got to people are the ones that I didn't name names but people STILL knew who I was talking about, because actions still speak louder than words.

I miss the MySpace Blogging Community... now that, was a nasty bunch. You haven't met an internet mean girl until you've seen the ones that can mobilize an entire blog-clique to battle you on your own blog. I mean, they get NASTY. Oh, and coupled with the ever-changing blog rankings, things were hilarious. You had to be there to really appreciate it. On one hand, it was quite juvenile, on the other, it was very moving. I made friends with some of those bloggers and the friendships carried over, we followed each other into other social media platforms. Nothing brought things back like the old Blog-Gang of MySpace, though. I made friends with Adrianne Curry and Somaya Reece, primarily through comments on blog posts.

And while I don't have the tight-knit community of MySpace, I still have my own little corner of the Net carved out here, my Letters From Zion (yes, I am a Matrix junkie), and I created it because I was afraid of what could happen to my blogs on MySpace in the event that my profile would ever be deleted. There's 3 years of memories on there that would just vanish into nothing. The fear became so prevalent that I stopped blogging there altogether and it's more of an archive now. Kind of sad. Had MySpace come up with a way of backing them all up, I'd still be there most likely and when all the other people bailed on them, maybe the bloggers would have held them down?

So what the hell is this all about? No other reason than to test out the new interface on Blogger now that they are slowly merging it into Google+. I like the dashboard so far, it's clean, and it's the one thing I wanted so much to be on Google+ for. It's like they are building a social network around my blog instead of sticking blogging into social networking.

I still say this is the one place where Facebook most egregiously dropped the ball... or maybe it's better that they didn't fix it? People who weren't even ON MySpace would hear about my blog back in the day, I can only imagine what things would have been like on Facebook where familial connections are right in your face. I would have taken drama to an all-time high, even when it wasn't my intention. People should use the "Loop Of Life" test. If there is something that you wouldn't want on a video auto-loop of you doing over and over again, it's probably not a good idea for you to do it in the first place. Like you sleeping with your best friend's ex... somebody somewhere just might say something about it, as it relates to them.

Well, this was just a test, and I'm getting all crazy... internet people have short attention spans. Most people would have zoned out by now and pulled a Scott Pilgim "This is... this is... this is booooooring."

Sorry I couldn't entertain you this time... maybe next time I'll have the drama-llama in attendance....

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Just One Of Those Days

Yeah, sometimes you just have one of those days... or weeks... or months.

I wish I could narrow it down to one specific reason I feel this way, but I can't.

It's a host of things.

One is my son trying to snore directly above my head.

I may have to kill someone.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Things I Never Said

Sometimes I wonder about my little corner of the world... I wonder how many sets of eyes come through and see what I have to say? It's weird, for a number of reasons.

I don't have nearly the traffic I used to have on MySpace. In fact, I had so much traffic there and there was such a hustle and bustle to "keep up" with the Blogosphere on there, I often had to find topics to write about. No such hurry here. It's just me and my one dedicated fan that I know is reading... but who are the rest of you?

I can't spend a lot of time worrying about the Unknown. How much concern can I give to those whom I do not know? Only so much.

Some are waiting to hear if I have anything to say about them. The irony of those people waiting for me to say something is that they constantly keep my name in their mouth, as if I am their standard by which they live, and I don't know why this is? Maybe I'm the one that being stupid by NOT writing about them? I mean, the one time I did write about their very public fight right in the middle of the street with their baby-mama, they act like I did something wrong. Truth be told, I wouldn't have even written about it had it not been for the fact that their antics made me have to babysit, that's actually what I was complaining about (hey, it's a blog, I'm allowed to be self-indulgent!), I don't write about them as a subject. Even now, I'm talking about them and not mentioning their name.

If I were this person, I probably wouldn't want anyone writing about me, either. Especially when I have a bad habit of letting my hands slip when I get into arguments with my girlfriends (plural). This is looking more and more like a pattern of behavior... I'm not perfect, my ex made it a point to let everybody know I grabbed her and did hurt her in the middle of a confrontation (she always leaves out the part about her breaking down a locked bathroom door between us, but whatever), and my fake friend made it a point to call me a "woman-beater" when we found out he was a cheater that sleeps with his friend's girlfriends behind their backs, but I will never allow myself to be pushed to that point again. You're not sorry if you keep doing it. Hell, they even said to me "Y'know, sometimes you have to smack 'em..." No, you never have to. If she makes you "have to", then you "have to" call the police on her and get her some damn help.

Topics like that would guarantee me some constant traffic, right? Well, if that's how I gotta get it, fuck traffic. Anyway, my point was, I wonder about the eyeballs that peruse? Who's out there?

I don't know that the present-day traffic is my concern, or even should be. One day I'm going to look back at certain events, and the one way I'll best be able to recall how I felt is to refer back to my blog. It's funny, the very few journals I still have from my youth give me such clarity on how I felt back then. I can see things through 17-year-old T. Jordan's eyes. Then there's a whole different rub...

Like right now, I'm wondering how we're going to make it through the next month because we have to pay the utility company another deposit of $500, meaning we had a single-month utility bill of $1000 (that's stupidly high), four times what it normally is. Not really something I want to come back and think about later... shit, not something I even want to talk about now.

Either way, I'm going to start loosening up the reins on this thing... I'm going to start naming names a little more, because that's what the fuck I do...

Don't want me to talk about you? Hide from me, keep it a secret, whatever, but I'm sick of feeling like the bad guy because people around me do slimy shit and are deathly afraid of being exposed. If it affects me, I have the right to talk about it. Even if it doesn't affect me, I can write about it... I'm just trying to lay down some parameters.

Truthfully, it doesn't matter. If they want me to be wrong, I'll be wrong. Here's where the problem comes in, though: you've done quite well not giving a fuck what anybody has to say about what you do, so now I'm going to play your way. I don't give a FUCK what you think about what I have to say, and that's that. Because I haven't mentioned anyone by name, they won't even comment on this, nary a mention will be made of this. But I'm about to start naming names, folks.

And it ain't about traffic...

-ere'bodee's favorite mega, blogninja

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Casey Anthony: Was Justice Done?

casey anthony

I've been following the Casey Anthony trial for quite some time. The idea that a parent could neglect the disappearance of their child for an entire month is absolutely abhorrent, and I think that's the core of why everyone is so incensed about her acquittal. I've seen people who feel as though the system is broken and some who say justice was not done.

I'm not nearly as emotional as some of my peers, the point of law is parity. Without the legal system Casey Anthony would have been dragged to the center of town and hung from an oak. The problem is I've seen that kind of "justice" used against too many of my ancestors when they certainly deserved better. The part of me that demands true fairness couldn't let that happen.

A lot of people have referenced the OJ Simpson trial (in different contexts) and I think that's a good example of how the court of public opinion differs from a court of law (and should). The jury had a responsibility to judge the merits of the case as presented in court. They were not privvy to all the things we have been exposed to in the media. They had to be impartial, and follow the letter of the law. I think those 12 people did an exemplary job. I'm glad I wasn't on that jury, and frankly I'm glad many of my peers weren't on it, either.

Emotions and prejudices have no place in a perfect legal system. The design is to find someone that will either be partial to your side (be it defense or prosecution) or to find someone who will at least be fair. The case presented and the evidence provided is what should compel, but you have to be willing to see and accept everything presented to the court. If indeed this can be implemented in every situation, then Black defendants stand a better chance when in a court of law. If not for this, Brenton Butler would have been successfully railroaded by an overzealous son of a former sheriff and that guy would have been hailed wrongfully as a hero.

Casey & The Porcelain God

On the remote chance that Casey Anthony did not kill her child, the State had an obligation to at least explore other avenues. If they neglected to do so and wrongfully zeroed in on Casey, then we need them to next time use their resources more wisely so true justice can be served. One of the legal analysts made the very sound point that I myself often make, you learn far more about yourself in a defeat than you ever would in a victory. Hopefully the prosecution can direct the detectives to be more thorough next time, maybe conclusively connect the defendant to the body through DNA? Being that the body was found so close to the Anthony home, maybe they could have been more systematic in their search patterns?

All in all, regardless of the Court of Public Opinion, Casey is not guilty. Which, in fact, is a long ways from "innocent". The one thing that she did do was not report her child missing for a very long time, and this is something that most will hold against her for a very long time. Once she gains a measure of maturity, she will have to deal with it herself. I'm willing to bet that no matter how cruel the Public will treat her, it will be nothing compared to what she will eventually do to herself.

-ere'bodee's favorite mega, blogninja

Thursday, April 21, 2011


No, my blog. I don't hate you. I'm cheating on you with a novel. Two, in fact. I neglect you... but believe that I love you.

Just because I remember the fond days on MySpace from time-to-time, that first foray into this thing of blogging, what I describe as a public conversation with yourself, doesn't mean that you are not the most special thing I've ever known. That brought me to you, so it's part of my journey.

If anybody's been paying attention, bloggers have become characters in the narrative of all, the Theory Of Everything. There's an art to this. The Art Of The Blog. How do you wield it? It's a fingerprint.


Like a tapestry, a story of You is being woven. Do you put your thread in, or will others tailor your tale?

The pull of writing is so damn fickle. Sometimes it's relentless, then others it's elusive. Truth be told, most of the time it's there when you need it most, and the more you let it in the better you become at it.

I don't think that my activities in other blogging mediums have done anything but improved my writing. I was thinking about SnapVine the other day, and I realized that I missed that audio blogging format. It kept us limited to 10 minutes, and in all honesty I think that was perfect. Taught us to be concise. Then along comes Twitter and we're forced to invent a whole new language. I often consider Twitter to be like the Social Media Haiku. Those little 5-7-5 couplets are not a simple thing. The samurai would compose haiku as a method of keeping the mind sharp as the sword. The same could be said for the writer.

In the CyberWorld sense, the blog is to the blogger as the katana is to the samurai. It is his tool, weapon, an extension of himself. Wordpress, Blogger, and now Tumblr are the styles employed. I think Facebook has decided to leave that to those guys, they've not done anything at all to make Notes a true "blogging" interface. At this point I don't know if they ever will. It would be a real uphill climb to get the blogosphere to give up their hard-earned corner of real estate.

I think of my blogs on MySpace from time to time, because I miss that forum. I don't go back because it wasn't the tools (wow, they were the WORST), it was the community. I doubt considerably if anything like what I remember is still there... is anything there? One thing I used to say back then was "I'd write it even if nobody came through", but that didn't mean I didn't care. That just meant that sometimes I'd write something just for me, and other times I wrote things to spread my perspective on something. But whether I got 2 comments or 50, I wrote and posted.

[sidenote: I really miss my friend ValerieVodka... she was one very excellent blogger]

The one fear I always had of my blog on MySpace was the random deletion, which did happen from time to time, sometimes instigated by grudges of other bloggers, so you wrote under a Sword of Damocles. When I created my Blogger page, I left behind some connections, but I gained security. I'm pretty sure that as long as Google is around, this page will be around. I'm not so sure MySpace is going to be around in the next 5 years. While I don't have the traffic or readers I had from MySpace, if anything ever happens to my blogs it's a guarantee they won't ever be read, and that's not an alternative.

If there's a point to this, I'm stating my appreciation for having a blog, and working to utilize it in a better way. I have a friend, I call her my "blog"-sister, Elicia... we get onto one another when we see a lack of production on our blogs. That's just that gentle nudge from a peer to say "Hey, don't forget to document this life while you live it, while it's fresh."

Unless you're determined to live completely off the grid, you're going to leave digital fingerprints. Not every aspect of the story is under your "control". I'm not afraid of the Big Bad Internet... people are going to talk, online and off. If anything it's a multi-faceted view of you. No such thing as all good or all bad, people are just not that one-dimensional. I think of my writing as my art, and art is not the Truth, it is the Truth as presented to be understood.

All this being said, I know I've been neglecting you, my Blog, and I'm letting you know that I'm a long ways from finished here... I appreciate you, and you'll be seeing me a lot more often in the days to come.

-ere'bodee's favorite mega, blogninja

Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday, February 11, 2011

The Break-Up And Make Up Of Me and Guitar Center

Tighten up ya headbands, True Believers and True Deceivers, it's ere'bodee's favorite Mega-Blogger. I promised my new friend Jeremy Cole I would blog about my experience with them, and here we go.

So I finally make my order for my Maschine, and I decided to go with Guitar Center, the brick-and-mortar store on Atlantic, but they didn't have them in stock. I've been checking prices online on the site, so I said "What-the-hell" and went with them. Enough with the talking and get with the walking. I wanted to buy from GC to make up for all the time I've spent just test-driving everything in the store. There's a couple of my 10-minute beats in Guitar Center on the Triton, Motif, MPC (1000, 2500, 4000), it's fun to see how much I can recall even though I don't use them everyday anymore. Anyway, I loiter a lot there, so I was giving them the business out of loyalty; I'm that kinda guy.

So I go to the site, make my order, and It's showing "Completed Order" and generates a receipt. I even pay a little extra for 3-Day shipping. Fantastio. They tell me I'll receive an email when my order ships.

No email.

I log back into my account on and generate a trouble ticket. The system says I'll receive a response within 24 hours.

I get a response in the aforementioned time-frame. A nice representative hits me back and tells me my order was held up by adverse weather conditions. He refunded my 3-Day money and said the order would be shipped no later that Tuesday the 8th.

I thanked him for his reply, and asked if I would still receive an email when the order shipped (I was thinking that it might not, since the order was pending). He told me that it would, but if it didn't I could just check my correspondence on the website. Once again, fantastic.

All this was the week prior to the Superbowl. Tuesday comes... and goes. No email, and no update on the site. Now I'm cranky. I'm starting to feel like Big Worm, and GuitarCenter is my Smokey. You playing with my emotions... don't make me fuck you up. This was Wednesday.

I tweeted out my frustration, and I demanded my money back, because I had every intention of getting my money back and going to or The representative informed me that my order was already on the way out. Ordinarily, this would have made me happy, but I had no way of tracking because again, the email never came. He provided me with the tracking number and I saw that my order did indeed ship on the day they said it would.

I went to Twitter to check my responses and saw that Jeremy Cole had inquired about the status of my order. I told him it was on the way, but I would probably never again use GC because of the lack of regard. He asked if I would email my order number so he could look into it. He put me in touch with Scott, a manager over at

Scott asked what my version of events were. I explained that I understood about the weather, and I didn't expect anyone to be able to do anything about that, but I was upset that I asked a simple question and someone effectively lied to me. He asked if maybe the email had been caught by a spam filter. I conceded that could be a possibility, but I pointed out that I got no correspondence indicating that the order was shipped until I asked for my money back. I knew he could see my account, so he knew I wasn't making it up. I told him in the beginning of the conversation that I'd worked customer service before. After I pointed that out, he respectfully said, "You didn't lie when you said you've done this job..."

Scott then offered me a $100 gift card and 20% purchase off the site. I was impressed at the generosity of the offer and the sincerity in his voice. You can tell when people really want to make things right, and I totally appreciated it. I didn't go into this thinking of how much I could get out of it, I was seriously offended at the way I was treated by a company that I liked. Scott put that back right immediately.

I'm also impressed that Jeremy was out there in the Twitterverse, seeking out opportunities to right situations on behalf of his company. That's proactive thinking. That's one way to make sure you stay on top... listen to the "Little Guy", your frontline people, your customers.

While it's important to help everyone you can, sometimes you want that one "Raving Fan". I learned about this in a Customer Service class. You want those people who become advocates for you, because they have access to people who might not be familiar with you. Raving Fans are your best friends.

When someone has a good experience in a business, statistics show they may tell one person. When a person has a bad experience, he tells ten. The math is not hard, but you need to make it work to your advantage. The good stories have to be created. The hardest thing to fake, is sincerity.

To be honest, if Scott would have offered half of what he did, I'd have been satisfied... but he don't need to know that. Great work, guys.

-ere'bodee's favorite mega, blogninja and future Maschine Owner

Last Package Update:
Orlando, FL, United States 02/11/2011 6:41 P.M. Arrival Scan

*sigh* Patience, Young Skywalker. Free. Your. Mind.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Patience, Young Skywalker

I think that everyone my age looks to Yoda to be a sage prophet. I've heard time and time again from my rabbis throughout my life "Patience". It's a lesson I've often passed on, but it takes much practice to not do anything when everything around you is popping off, but it's a lesson I continue to practice. In poker, a sign of a pro is the good laydown... assessing a situation and getting out of the way of a superior hand. It's a special skill.

I don't want to get in the practice of name-dropping, but I know personally people who have sold millions of records. Such feats are not nearly as easy as it once was, but the potential for success is something those who are attuned to their surroundings can detect. The unifying element in all these people was a genuine love for what they were doing, and the idea of having fun. Yes, you must have drive, but if you don't love what you do, "success" is elusive.

Anybody who befriends me on Facebook have seen my numerous posts regarding Native Instruments and the Maschine. I've been on this thing for almost a year now, becoming more and more impressed with its potential with every update. I've been making music for most of my life now, and in my chosen genre of expression, the Akai MPC is a staple and an icon. There's a reason for it: it's a lot of fun to use. Many have imitated it, but have been unable to capture it's ease and workflow, and the hardcore users have been reluctant to throw their support behind anything else; until now.

I don't want to make this an overly technical blog about the mechanics of the MPC, I'll just tell you that it's a joy sometimes to just tap out a rhythm on it and before you know it, you've got something special... the problem comes in the process of tracking everything out one piece at a time. This could be anything from a 15 minute process to well over an hour. In today's computer environment, there's no reason this has to be the case with the right interface. For whatever reason, the guys over at Akai never thought to address this, and they've allowed the people over at Native Instruments to take all the best elements of their unit and marry it perfectly into the software world. The Maschine is one of the most exciting innovations in digital music since the creation of the mp3 itself.

I've had the pleasure of owning the MPC in a few different forms, and unfortunately I've not ever completed an entire project with one. My first had some technical difficulties (MPC1000), my 2nd was stolen (MPC2000XL), and my 3rd wasn't all mine, the other owner was not a dedicated "music" person (we don't part with equipment, it's like a painter selling his brushes... once you do that, you can't paint) and when the hard times of the recession came down, he opted to move on by selling the unit. So it's been some time since I had my own tools to compose.

I'm expecting delivery of my very own Maschine in a couple days, and I'm DYING to get my hands on this thing. As my friend Beth quoted on my status, I'm as nervous as a virgin at a prison rodeo. I'm so amped to get my hands on this thing, I could punch somebody. I've watched dozens of videos and seen what someone who knows what they are doing could potentially do. My friend Justin Aswell is a virtuoso on groove boxes and he just MURDERS this thing. I won't do anything like what Justin does, I'm a programmer, not a performer, but I intend to be just as vicious.

I'm dying to get my hands on this thing because it means I have the final pieces to finally put this long-awaited solo project in full-gear. There's a host of other insanely-good artists around me all hitting their stride, like my friend Rob Roy who now has his video "Carmencita" added to MTVs rotation through an online campaign. I'm hugely proud of his accomplishment and look forward to more awesome music coming out of him.

I've never had the desire to do this as a solo artist. From the time I started in all this, I had my brother Tza right there with me. He's become a (very good) engineer and retired from the stage, and my best friend and partner-in-rhyme is putting the finishing touches on his "Plan B". I respect him, but I never had a Plan B. Music and HipHop have been my life. My son is now following in my footsteps, and I want him to know the love of this culture without some of the pitfalls I've encountered. So now I get to be an example, and to be honest I look forward to it.

I have a personal beef with a former group member of mine, and regardless of the ancillary differences I have with him, one of the primary was his insistence of saying things in his music about how this was "all about his kids" when every action I saw him take stood in stark contrast to that statement. Whether you're a studio gangsta or a false prophet, I can't make music with you when I know every word coming out of your mouth is a lie. This album I'm about to make will literally be a blueprint for my son, because we've always said we wanted something to pass on to our kids. I know he will be right there watching me, and I want to mold him into the emcee/producer/artist who I can be proud of, and I can call him a Child Of HipHop, raised on all the best principles we put forth. For him, "Keep It Real" will not just be a catchphrase.

So in short, I'm ready to go headfirst into completing a lifegoal, spending some time with my kid doing what he and I both love, and having some real damn fun. Any wonder I'm about ready to jump out of my skin?

Where the HELL is that UPS Delivery truck?!

-ere'bodee's favorite mega, blogninja