Monday, March 16, 2009

That Bitch Bo$$ =)

This is a post from my MySpace Blog... today Boss was kind enough to hit me up and asked if she could check it out, so I reposted it on MySpace and Decided it should probably come over to my Grown-Up Blogger Page. So here it is, enjoy the video! It's one of my all-time favorites.


Boss The Original Bitch

Lately, I've been in a Boss Bitch mood.... what does that mean? Well, Boss was the first female rapper I heard that I wanted to BE like, not just be WITH.. Most people don't even know who Boss was, and that's a fucking shame, because before Boss, nobody was taking chicks seriously in the hardcore game. Boss was required listening for me every morning when I was a teen. I mean, Boss was talking MY shit. My favorite song on her album was "I Don't Give A Fuck". She even had an answering machine message on her album that I put on my answering machine... man, you should have heard the message I got from my Grandmother. It was almost as funny as the one Boss has of her mother on her album. Her single was "Deeper", produced by Def Jeff (the guy who's responsible for 'Hip Hop Harry', howz that for irony?).... y'all take a listen to what quality sounds like. This song stands up to anything that's out right now.

Did you listen to it? Deep, huh? I'm sorry to say that Def Jam didn't do a second album with Boss, and I think that's their loss. For those who know classic shit, they always say "Damn, wouldn't it be tight if Boss and Dre did an album together?" As a matter of fact, I've heard that Dr. Dre was actually looking for Boss. Well, I found her here on MySpace, and y'all should be making friends with Boss The Original

This woman was waaaaay ahead of her time, and I don't think anybody back then knew what to do with her. I saw and heard her as a major influence for me. If I had her CD right now, I'd have the whole thing on repeat and be playing the shit out of it to remember what it sounds like when a real artist puts it down. The irony is a lot of people came out of the woodwork and claimed that Boss was a 'studio gangster', when the truth is she lived in harm's way for a very long time just for the love of the music and for survival. That's why I really dug Boss' shit. I guess it's one of those things where I knew that was bullshit, but once rumors get started, haterz keep 'em moving.

Boss... if you're working on a comeback, I'm ready for ya... lets do this.

-ere'bodee's favorite mega

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Chris Brown and the Contrition Mission

I've only recently started doing a lot of blogging outside of my MySpace Page. I've developed some good relationships there and my traffic is very steady (avg. 500 views a week, for a semi-modest guy such as myself), but some of the limitations and the problems with the interface have prompted my gravitation to I don't get as personal here as I do on my MySpace, that's a different tone.

Recently, I did a very personal blog about a former friend in relation to a statement he made. He basically called me a woman-beater, which was technically true. Let me explain... this person was a very close personal friend of mine who slept with my ex-girlfriend. During the course of my on-again-off-again relationship with my ex, we had an 'off' due to a physical confrontation between us. We had a heated exchange, and I tried to leave via the front door, but she blocked my path. I retreated to a bathroom and locked the door, but she kicked the door in and got right up in my face. I reacted, slamming her against the door much harder than I wanted to... I was horrified that I allowed myself to get that angry, and I vowed that I'd never put my hands on another woman I professed to love. Anyway, this is the girl he slept with, and his insult was meant to paint me in a negative light to justify the fact that he betrayed a good friend, his wife, and his 3 kids. Anyway, that's not my point.

Much has been said and is being said about domestic violence in this country right now due to the Chris Brown/Rihanna situation. I have refrained from blogging about it because it's so emotionally charged, but now I feel like I should say something because I can understand both positions. I know domestic violence all-too-well, I have been literally fighting against it all my life, since I was 10 years old and chased my step-father beside my mother almost 3 miles with a leg from an end-table. Straight up, my Mom didn't play that shit. You hit, you get hit back. You don't want to get hit? As my Mom would say “Keep ya' hands off people churrin...” (that's “children” for those who don't speak Floridian) And everyone is someone's 'child'. The only people you're allowed to hit, are your children. (If you aren't taking advantage of this, you must be some sort of genius, or some sort of fool. Time will determine...)

So this is my opinion, for what it's worth, but Chris Brown is in a very scary position. Many people want to give him the same benefit of doubt that the justice system is supposed to provide, but that's totally up to the observer. The court of public opinion is a very fickle beast. He will have his day in court, but the public will make up their minds long before that jury ever does. I just don't know how intelligently he's handled things to this point, and I wonder what he can do to abate the hemorrhaging of his career.

R. Kelly managed to survive his very public debacle for two reasons: 1) The girl in his incident was not another celebrity, just an anonymous face and 2) his fan base is much, much older than that of Chris Brown. Robert Kelly was Mr-12-Play. Chris Brown is Double-Mint-Singing-Nickelodeon-Good-Dude. Kids would have committed murder for him. Parents are not going to soon forget this.

So for him, 'handling' this is of a priority...but to me, that's exactly the problem. They have made it very clear that this is what they need to do, the 'They' being Chris Brown's handlers, whomever that might be. And the public usually takes issue with attempts at being 'handled'.

Like I said, when I did what I did, I was horrified. I truly felt bad. I still feel bad. But I learned from the situation and I am determined to never repeat it again. So much so that I myself will dial 911 if I am ever threatened by a woman, and I'll let her get her ass locked the kcuf up, not me. I'll come bail you out, baby. I might even ask the State Attorney to drop the charges. Once. That next time? Ya' ass is talking to the judge. Period. Don't touch me, and I won't touch you.

Chris Brown is just not looking contrite. Some might say “He ain't gotta put on a show for people.” Uh, actually, yes... he does. He needs to. Bad. But the trick is, this speaking-through-your-people-to-say-the-right-thing, is abso-fucking-lute-ly the Big Fat Fail-Whale. People need to hear the words coming out of your mouth and they need to (more importantly) feel where you are speaking from.

Speaking from my life-experience, I am almost certain this will happen again. Nothing I'm seeing from Chris tells me otherwise. He's more worried about what everybody “thinks” rather than seeking any sort of redemption. I think it bothers him that people are having the same conversation about him that he and his sister had with his mother about his step-father.

Most of the professionals who are offering advice to Rihanna are saying “Dip”. Oprah, a woman who has extensive knowledge on the subject, said that he will do it again. Oprah's friend Dr. Michelle says Rihanna needs a little break from relationships. When it comes to this kind of problem, I want everybody to be wrong if it means avoiding another Nicole Brown-Simpson. I hope CB proves to be really amazing, I really do. Beat the odds. Like Poker. Because I think that the idea of 'drawing dead' is a terrible turn of a phrase.

So that's my piece of peace. After 48 hours of “Age Of Conan”, I'm kinda beat. Until next time.

-ere'bodee's favorite mega, blogninja

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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Love It, Hate It, But Tweet It They Shall....

So I made my “first” YouTube video this week, and I gotta say, I kind of enjoy the interaction of the video-blog. I am conscious of the time factor, I am a blabbermouth, if you let me get going on a rant, I can run way too long, I have to keep in mind the appetite of the Web user. Here in Web 2.0 we prefer our meals byte-sized (forgive the pun) and I don't want to start preaching a sermon. Although that's kind of what video-blogging most reminds me of. We have our pulpit, preaching our gospel as we see it. One of the things that's become very apparent to me is straight from the Book of (Malcolm) Gladwell.

I'm in a sharing mood, so I'm going to go into a little of my personal and technical history. I once worked for America Online here in Jacksonville, I came in when they opened their very first facility in Florida in the tech support department (1997). This was the early days of the Net, when “www” was just getting started, and AOL was all the rage because we basically held your hand and took you out into the Big Bad World. The fastest connection was still analog and it was 28.8 baud. Yeah, my geek genes go DEEP. Anyway, I was there for 11 months when they changed our bonus structure and basically made the job comparable to working for a fast-food salary... If I could have stayed there for two more months, I would have been there when the stock split, and everybody that was in my training class that was still around is basically a millionaire now. I had a wife and kid to feed, so I had to go for the immediate. Kinda sad.

When I worked there, it was unlike any place you could imagine. Much of what Google does now is based on AOL work environment, in my opinion. We partied like nobody's business, and we knew at the time we were a part of something unique. Sure, it came and went, but there was a moment where if you were there, you came out of the situation with much more than you ever thought you would or could.

I bet when Mark Zuckerberg or Tom Anderson got things going, they had that moment where they knew “We got a big one here.” Everybody kinda looked around and said “Whoa, we knew it was a good idea, but never thought it would be THIS big.” Every so often Fate lets you peek behind the curtain and you can catch a glimpse of what might be. The good thing about that kind of energy is it takes a certain group of individuals (the Mavens of Gladwell's “Tipping Point”) who moves things to the place they need to be to make their 'tip', and one person's success is tied to the work of many individuals, cogs in the system. I remember Christina Dolce aka ForbiddenXO when her friend list was 145,000 and she actually responded to your comments personally. I think she owes her success to the early adoption on her part of MySpace, but MySpace also benefitted from her and all the other EyeCandy wanna-bes who attempted to duplicate Christina's success (including Tila Tequila).

In the interest of personal education (specifically, reading Fast Company) I came across Scobelizer, which brought me to Guy Kawasaki, which drew me to Twitter. I am getting a very good feeling about Twitter and what the future could hold for it. There's just too much press on Twitter right now for it not to be successful. Whether it stays successful is based on the vision of the people in the company itself. If they can walk the line between staying true to themselves while being mindful of the people that got them to where they are, the loyalty of those within will remain and success can result. But if you aren't looking at Twitter and seeing how it's going to seriously grow in the next 2 years, you are simply far-too-jaded an individual. The ways in which Twitter can be utilized are myriad. MC Hammer has managed to revitalize interest in him, and believe me, I didn't think that was possible. CNN was one of the first organizations to use Twitter as a way to interact with their viewers in real-time. Organizations like The H2HProject are using Twitter to help get clean drinking water to villages in Africa.

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love The Matrix Trilogy. There are some fantastic life lessons in there (but all movie geeks already knew all life's greatest mysteries are answered in the movies), but one that I find myself constantly referring to is the conversation in “Revolutions” where Oracle is in the kitchen trying to explain the Architect to Neo. She is explaining that none of us can see beyond a choice or decision that we do not understand, and that the Architect can't see beyond any choice because all things to him are equations to be balanced and quantified. Not everything can be weighed on a scale, but that makes it no less tangible. It might take a different instrument to measure the change. While there are those with pseudo-intellectual editorials on how we are “Twittering our lives away”, but I take those who can look at Twitter and miss it's potential as probably being unable to look within themselves and see how it could work for them, and generally pragmatic more than visionary. And there's nothing wrong with pragmatism, as long as you know that's what it is.

By checking my stats on Twitterholic, I've found that I'm the Number 1 Tweeter for my City. Wow. I've never been #1 anything on the Web that I know of, and pardon me for celebrating that fact for awhile. Some of the Tweeters who have followers in the thousands have been really encouraging to me, and many of their tweets have given me much insight into how this whole tweet-web works. I'm like a digital spider, crawling back and forth making the connections. Anyone that comes on behind me, give them all the knowledge I have and help them connect. To those who came before me, listen, pay attention, find a way to enrich their network, draw attention through sincerity. Don't worry about the Follower Count as much as how valuable are you to the followers you already have. I'm a small fish in the Twitter Ocean, but I'm the only fish on my reef right now. I'll be one sizable apex predator by the time the rest of Duval figures out what this Twitter Thing is. This could make me a hub to the Twitterverse.

So this time I'm not going to be discouraged from being around when everything reaches the Moment of the Jump-Off. I've never surfed, but I do understand the concept. You wait for the wave, turn back towards the beach, you start paddling to get ready and if you stand up at just the right time, you get to ride the wave. Stand up too late, and you'll miss it. Get out in front of it too far and it can come down on you. It's all about your timing. In the social networking world, Twitter is the spaces between the notes, and while they don't make noise, they set the structure for your melody. I know my place, and I understand my instruments. You play your tune... and I'll play mine. If you didn't find me through Twitter, follow me at and if you're on MySpace, hit me up at

-ere'bodee's favorite mega, blogninja

Monday, March 2, 2009

Glenn Beck and Faux News: FAIL!

This has been on my mind for awhile now to blog about (since Michael Phelps was vilified), and after watching this, I really feel like the word needs to be spread. I'm a history buff, especially when it comes to history that directly affects me. I am a pot-smoker, and I hate a lot of the propaganda that's out there about marijuana. I especially hate the retarded ads that they run and call an “Anti-Drug Campaign.” Seriously, folks, give me a fucking break.

Okay, I hate Faux News and everything they represent. They are biased, snarky, condescending, patronizing, and sometimes just flat out stupid. They brought Rob Kampia on to try to embarrass him, and they very obviously did NOT have their facts together, as does most opponents of Marijuana Law Reform. It KILLS me how people have no clue about why hemp is illegal. They really don't.

First, marijuana is not illegal because it's “harmful”. If that were an accepted argument, then cigarettes and alcohol would be illegal. That would never happen because the Tobacco Lobbyists are WAY too powerful making a product that we know will kill you. Yes, this is scientifically proven. And it's not the tobacco that kills you, it's everything they add to it that kills you. Alcohol was illegal for awhile (Prohibition) when the government was trying to legislate morality, and that mistake cost them in literal blood and gave rise to organized crime. They finally had to back up off that one. But hemp had a whole different set of problems.

The reason that marijuana is illegal is because a lot of very rich timber barons who had acres and acres of trees did not want the competition that hemp could have brought them. There are probably close to a hundred different products that can be made from hemp, but they had a problem with the fact that the same amount of paper produced with an acre of trees can be produced with 1/6th of an acre of hemp, and it grows back six times faster. A guy with an acre of hemp would be able to produce over 200 times what they could produce in the same amount of time from an acre of trees. This was something they simply could not let happen back in the day, so they paid lots of money to lobby Congress and produce propaganda films depicting people high on weed committing atrocious crimes, and for the first time in history a plant, something that grows wild if left alone, was labeled illegal. So this has been going now for more than 70 years, and there is not one single shred of evidence to support many of the ridiculous claims they make against hemp.

Hemp has been smoked in China for over 10,000 years. Hemp does not cause cancer. If you are smoking it in a blunt (not a natural leaf), then it's the carcinogens in the paper that are killing you, not the weed. Marijuana is not a 'gateway' drug. That is absolutely ridiculous. Anyone who smokes will tell you, if you smoke enough THC, you won't get as high, right? (Change up your green often to prevent this... invest in some 'dro, you cheap bastards) So is it the weed's fault that it can no longer medicate you against whatever it is you're trying to escape? If you never smoked weed and simply started drinking, you would need a 'gate' to anything else, you'd just be an alcoholic. People take drugs for different reasons, and blaming the weed for not “working” is just asinine. It's just another sound-bite that sounds good when you repeat it.

There are tremendous amounts of money right now being wasted on prosecuting marijuana cases, and some are just downright heinous. Will Foster, a rheumatoid arthritis sufferer and father of two, was sentenced to 93 years in prison for charges relating to the 25-plant medical marijuana garden he grew in a locked room in his basement. Suzanne Pfeil is a paraplegic who suffers from severe pain and muscle spasms linked to post-polio syndrome. On September 5, 2002, more than 20 armed federal agents raided her medical marijuana hospice, holding assault rifles to the heads of patients and their caregivers. When Pfeil was unable to stand, the agents handcuffed her behind her back and left her on the bed for several hours. These are cases of people who have an absolute NEED for marijuana, and we simply don't give enough of a fuck to look at this and say “This is what you call a 'War On Drugs'?”

Florida right now is facing a $200 million dollar shortfall in it's budget. California is even worse. If we could legalize marijuana, tax and regulate it, turn law enforcement on drugs that really are harmful, this whole idea of a financial crisis would have a real chance of turning around a lot quicker. Instead, a Conservative Propaganda Tool like Faux News and a complete nimrod like Glenn Beck would rather be glib about it and turn it into a joke. If we really are serious about making a difference, we need to look at the ways in which we have been doing things and make some adult decisions. I'm sick of the Right constantly standing on the sideline providing nothing in the way of serious discussion and consideration.

The time has come for us to stop talking about what we can do and actually do something. Donations in any amount need to be made to organizations like the Marijuana Policy Project who are working to make reform a reality. At the very least we need to make sure people like Will Foster and Suzanne Pfeil are not treated like criminals and can get access to marijuana to make their lives better. Go to and donate $5, $2, whatever you can afford. Simply put, we need to get our heads out of our asses and make changes. Stop swallowing the bullshit we've been fed for so many years...

-ere'bodee's favorite mega, blogninja