Thursday, May 28, 2009

Randomness From Ere'bodee's Favorite

Now, I don't really think I'm really going to be "random", per se. I have a friend of mine on Twitter, her name is @Dioracat, she's a pretty nifty blogger (did I just say 'nifty'? OMG, no more "Happy Days" on Nick @ Nite!) and I've enjoyed reading through her blogs and how she embraces her geekness. Geek is actually been very kewl for a long time, the rest of the world just wasn't in on it. Who brought you all the things we do here? Posting online, leaving comments, etc? This came from Bulletin Boards. Most of you out there haven't the foggiest notion of what I'm talking about. Anyway, she can be quite random when she writes, but very stylistic in her randomness. 

I'm all about the structured blog, so to speak, but sometimes it's ok to just let it flow naturally. It's a different rhythm. It's like... jazz for blogging. Yeah. I like that.

Anyway, she's kinda the inspiration. I've got several things on my mind. None would fit for one 'structured' blog, and probably would be quite boring. But this way, I can run through a few thoughts. Hope I don't lose anyone.

Okay, I'ma start with the not-so-serious-but-ever-so-irritating stuff first. Last weekend MTV ran the entire "Star Wars" saga from TPM to ROTJ (that's "The Phantom Menace" and "Return Of The Jedi" for those that don't speak Lucas-ese), and it's got me thinking about the MMO of Star Wars: The Old Republic. I've blogged about it before, I won't bore you with the details again (unless someone specifically asks) but I was on the message boards and saw something that again drives me fucking nuts. 

If you hate something, unless it is a bill that you are trying to keep from passing, what the hell is the point of going to that site of the thing you hate to argue with the people who don't agree with you? Hating is really a full-time job for some of you sad-ass individuals. Wouldn't you be better served doing something maybe you like instead of ripping down something someone else likes? Like Rush Limbaugh. I do hate him, but I don't go to his site to talk to people who think he has something worthwhile to say. I stay the kcuf away from them! They suck. But I'm not going to go after them, that's a waste of my time.

Some people are upset that Knights Of the Old Republic 3 isn't being made, and they just can't help but go after people who don't agree with them. Playing video games is not sad. That shit right there? THAT'S sad. Trying to have these pseudo-debates about how something that looks really good can only "suck" immediately identifies you as a resident of Haterville in Hate-topia. Even if SW:TOR only steals from SonyOnline's Galaxies and gives us thousands of Jedi, WHAT'S THE PROBLEM? Anyway, that's not even really the point. If you don't agree, go and create a site where people like you can co-mingle and interact and share... positively. Stop making Hater-Cakes In your Easy-Hate Oven.

So this week I am writing to one of my homeboys on lockdown. This guy is an amazing talent, one of the best producers in my city, in my opinion, and he made a mistake. Yeah, I know, everybody makes mistakes... but this guy was just not that type. I don't go around flaunting street cred, I don't need to tell y'all what I've done because 1) that's not what real street ninjas do and 2) I don't want nobody testifying against me for a damn thing, but I've known this dude all my life and most of the trouble he got into, *I* was the one that got him into it. But sometimes people who have been around me and my clan when we did dirt think that they can go out and do the same thing, but we had an understanding when we did things together: Loyalty over all, except Honor. If you follow that rule, you can never go wrong. Loyalty means nothing without honor. There's a huge difference between doing wrong and being wrong. I've done much wrong, but I tried to do it for the right reasons. If you saw me beating someone with a baseball bat, it wasn't because he stepped on my shoe. If you saw my nunchakus flying, it wasn't because I was bored and decided to pick on someone helpless. It was because dude tried to rob an old lady in my neighborhood, or some sick bastard tried to lure my sister away from the playground. Police didn't give a shit about me and mine, they'd shoot us just like they'd shoot the actual perpetrator, so we dealt with our own. I'll be honest with you, if I called the police on somebody, I was only building my defense in the event I got caught. I wanted documetation that I was "...doing the right thing." In the event I found myself in the witness box, I wanted to say "Look, I tried to get help from the police.... they took 'x' amount of time to come, and this time, they were too late." See, response times in my hood are probably 10x what they are in your hood, unless they get a chance to shoot at somebody. Then, they are in a hurry.

Geez, this is going all over the place.

Anyway, getting back to my Fam... I'm writing him, because really that's the only thing that makes your time go faster. If you don't do the time, the time will do you. If you know somebody locked up, write 'em a letter. Don't let them feel like they are forgotten and life goes on out here. Yeah, we do have struggles to overcome, but words from home mean a lot. They sometimes can be the difference between someone coming out ready to change and someone coming out bitter and more hateful. Jail is senseless if people can't ever reach contrition. One mistake, we lock you away forever without hope of redemption? 

Now don't get me wrong. Some people are just institutionalized, and they need to be in a dark hole somewhere. But no way everybody deserves that.

Well, that was enough randomness. I'm gonna post this for my enjoyment and hopefully someone else's.... 

-ere'bodee's favorite mega, blogninja


She Hate Me said...

Personally, I know all about handling me and mines. I know about doing wrong for the right reasons, even if those reasons seem selfish at the moment. Some people don't really catch on to that until it happens to them, then all of a sudden, it's a 'where were you?' type situation.

But I digress.

I think that SW:TOR will be just fine, and all of the haters will flock to it, some to bash it, others to rewrite history and say they've always knew it was going to be a good product.

And thanks for kicking me in the ass to write a couple of people locked down.

TangoMega said...

I'm glad it got you motivated to write your people... they need it, man, they really do.

And I have NO doubts about TOR, the whole idea of adding the "fourth pillar" of storytelling to the MMO dynamic is much-needed. I've played Galaxies, City Of Heroes, and Age Of Conan, and truthfully that's what's missing from all three of those... engaging storylines.

Dioracat said...

Tango: One, thanks for the mention! I'm flattered, especially for being recognized as being geeky from a fellow geek.

Two. I try and let people know when they read my blog that its just my stream of consciousness, really. It's any and all things that interest me or that catch my attention. As @niccolus says, I have ADOS. Attention Deficit OOH SHINY! But each blog post has some structure, its just the blog itself is not.

Three, I too know about doing wrong for the right reasons, and ALL ABOUT loyalty over everything but honor. For almost 10 years I was wanting to have the Korean characters for honor and 2 other things important to me tattooed on the back of my neck. Still thinking about it.

Lastly, SW:TOR looks really good. I'm excited. Now if you'll excuse me, I've been on follow in WoW and I think we're getting beat up.

TangoMega said...

LOL @ being on follow and being beaten up. You're making me miss my days on Galaxies. Man, that game could have been the Greatest Ever. It was for awhile. Now I just wait patiently for The Old Republic. Nothing is going to do it for me until it comes out. =)

And thanks for the comment, I much appreciate it!