Tuesday, May 4, 2010

100 Notes And Running

It's really important that you know exactly who and what you are... because until you do, every single thing you do is never going to measure up. That's 100% IIWII, people (It Is What It Is). If you refuse to accept this very simple life fact, you are going to fight externally what you can only fix internally.

I came up with this little gem on my own while watching the new version of Carson Daly's show, Last Call. For the longest time, NBC had him as the 3rd string late-night host on a last-place network, but he maintained a small core audience. Carson has slowly cooled (in popularity) since his days of the now-defunct TRL (I guess TRL needed him more than he needed them...) but there was something missing from his late-night rhythm. He was trying to come up with original bits, spoofs, but nothing stuck. The show was very much a take-it-or-leave-it-type experience.

Now, I don't know what prompted the change, I just remember when it happened. I just happened to catch his first show in the current format, it was a black and white shot. They also shot a low handheld from underneath, and it looked to me that Carson was... Carson again. It was like the whole idea of putting him in a studio behind the "other" Carson-type desk was going to make him a late-night host. If you looked at his numbers, you could easily dismiss the idea of Carson Daly with his own show as being a mistake. I don't feel that is true. What was the mistake was trying to take Carson and make him into something he wasn't. I won't say it's anyone's fault, Carson himself could have insisted on the format for all I know. Whatever the reason, it wasn't working.

Now that Carson has stripped things down, made things simple again, he's gone back to his music roots. He's in pubs and taverns, he's in the Viper Room, he's interviewing people in a relaxed environment... you feel like that's what you're doing. You're with friends, just chatting & relating to one another. I haven't seen any numbers on the new show (ratings), but this isn't about that. I'm talking about how his show made me feel. Outside of being introduced to a lil' new music from time to time, the show was quite underwhelming before. But watching this new show, I just got drawn in. His interview with Kat Von D gave me my first official Bucket List Entry: Get a tattoo from L.A. Ink. Something original. I also found out she's classically-trained as a musician and has some aspirations of a musical nature. But I digress...

You gotta do you, and the better you do you, the better you do (damn, that was a hook if I ever heard one... if ya' don't credit me, I'll find you, biotches!) Find your groove. You can't find your groove if you don't know who you are. Find your Tao. If you can't "Temet Nosce", then how can you ever hope to master anything else? I'm a fan of "Supernatural" now, and Bobby was talking to Sam about an outlandish plan to allow Lucifer to take control of him and accept his destiny of being his Vessel. Bobby said to him, "You're not exactly Mr. Anger Management... how do you expect to control the Devil when you can't even control yourself?" I said it before, you can't change internally by fighting externally. You can't know anything until you first know nothing.

I am sure that I am oversimplifying this, because if it was this easy, everyone would be doing it. Most of you don't know yourselves. It's apparent. Everyone else is "the problem" and you are "the solution". Not possible. Y'all know my favorite word: hubris. Pride is an assassin of so many good things. Overbearing pride and presumption. Until you can readily identify it in your life, you got no chance. It's a one-handed clap. It's a one man teeter-toter.

Keep it 100...

-ere'bodee's favorite mega, blogninja

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