Thursday, August 6, 2009

TwitterHolic Withdrawls Are Savage...

Wow. The World without Twitter.

I only wish I was blissfully ignorant as those that don't use it. I miss the HELL out of it.

But it's let me know that no matter what happens with MySpace, I'll NEVER go full-fledged to FaceBook. Why?

Well, the generosity I feel and the connections I make on Twitter are far more useful and fulfilling. Twitter "feels" real.

Yeah, Mark Zuckerberg, your nifty little site has made it as a flavor of the month, but you've made one fatal error: You assume that we actually LIKE our family members and people from high school... what if we don't?

The irony of this post is that it will feed directly to Facebook, where it will sit unread. If I post it to MySpace, I would have 20 comments on it in no time.

The people you're related to tend to know the least about you... when people get killed, they don't ask family members who was in their life: they ask FRIENDS.

But then me and mine do put the "fun" in "dysfunction", keeping it 100.

It's not all genetics, though...Part of it is that FB is not the easiest place to navigate. For the longest time I just wasn't sure of the mechanics of FaceBook. Now that I know a little more, I don't know if I even care for it.

Geez, I hope Google will hurry up and work the bugs out of GoogleTalk and launch THEIR social network. Yeah, they got one coming, they're building it right underneath you. It started with GMail, and Google Profiles, and GoogleTalk is the next piece. They can give you one phone number that will ring ALL your phones at once, and when you don't answer, they can give you a voicemail that can be checked from the web/CrackBerry (but probably not your iPhone until they can figure out who's @ fault for blocking the app). They can make national/international lines disappear (I talk to my Baby for nada, she's in England. If I had a phone with GTalk and so did she?), and that's why they are going to bury anything that looks like them. Twitter isn't under any threat, they'll seamlessly integrate into your GoogleProfile.

MySpace might have been flavor of the month, but at least I liked it.

Facebook is flavor of the month, and I don't.

And God forgive me for using this trifling Attack-Vagina as an example, but you really don't See Tila Tequila declaring herself the "Queen Of Facebook", do you? Nope. She's staking out her "claim" there. This girl is a digital cock-roach (wait, hear me out), she was on Friendster, they kicked her off there for having "too many friends" according to her. Mark and Tom invited her to MySpace, she gets a million friends and a couple of tv shows, and now she's the HotSpot (literally) for NFL Players and recording artists.... (Yeah, I said it.) What happens to Friendster? How many of you even know what the hell I'm talking about? Tila got instincts. She can sniff out a social media opportunity like a hog roots truffles. So now she sees that the MySpace boat might be leaking, it's hemorrhaging badly, she's on to Twitter.

I don't want to sound like a "fan" of Tila, I hate her version of Twitter, I'm only speaking on the fact that as many people "hate" on Twitter, there's some that have had proven and unparalleled success in social media that are working that way.

I dig my Twitter. FaceBook is a very distant third. I hope they don't close the casket on MySpace just yet. Google, step it up people.

-ere'bodee's favorite mega, blogninja


Anonymous said...

I knew you would blog today. LOL. I pulled up TweetDeck this morning and my first thought was "Ohhh no... Mega's gonna be pissed."


You're sooo right about the differences in interaction on FB and MySpace. My real-world friends and family NEVER comment on my stuff. They might read it, to fead the family gossip train, but they rarely ever comment. My mother in law and one aunt (both by marriage) are the only faithfuls that I have that show me any cyber-love on my blog (Like how I totally just plugged myself there? Slipped it right in on What was I saying???

As promised, I am focusing a lot more attention on Twitter. I kind of wish I'd really understood it before I jumped right in. I follow so many people that I just "followed" for the sake of following. They are WORTHLESS. lol TweetDeck has changed my life though... thanks to YOU!

TangoMega said...

Thank you for caring about my pain. If you aren't following Robert Scoble (@scobleizer), he's a tech-guy who's got some interesting theories about who to follow and not follow. By the way, I'm loving your site more and more, so the plug is appreciated. Wordpress seems pretty sweet. Thanks for the comment! =)