Friday, June 12, 2009

Why Is Sarah Palin Stupid?

Okay, apparently I'm jumping into the recent controversy with My Favorite Yukon Hillbilly, Sarah Palin. I make it a point to follow people that I wouldn't agree with all the time in an effort to see the other side of things on some issues, but there are just some issues that I don't know that seeing the other side of is even possible...

@DarkKnight3565 accused me of being a Palin-Basher, just going after her and insulting her because it's easy. Okay, he might be right... a little. But I'm at a loss to understand what it is that people can look at in her and say "Yeah, that's something I can agree with."

I'm going to go at my single-biggest Palin-Point, the thing that really makes my blood pressure go up about her, and I dare anyone to come up with a reasonable explanation for this that doesn't involve pointing out similar behavior by a liberal. This is all on Madam BeautyBunny Of the Vapid Holy Yukon.

You are an ardent Pro-Life supporter, you teach abstinence... and your daughter gets pregnant. Your daughter is impetuous enough to get pregnant, but smart enough to say "abstinence doesn't work". Why? Because that much is obvious. She got pregnant. End of that argument.

Later on, after you've managed to torpedo the hopes of John McCain and everybody else by bringing the Circus that is your family down on the '08 Presidential Bid, you're trying to shore up your defenses later on when you decide to return to the political arena. So, you put your now 18-year-old daughter back out there as a part of an abstinence program, and she looks just as stupid as you did sitting in front of an interviewer going back on what she previously said. "Abstinence is the only way." Meanwhile, her Baby-Daddy, who is not a part of your Politico-Machine, speaks common sense "We need to teach kids more than abstinence." It's so refreshing to hear people who speak without political aspirations, and can expose Bullshit in all it's forms.

This, DarkKnight3565, is why Sarah Palin is stupid. She is holding on to a misguided belief that contributes to the further decay of our country, by believing that teaching sex education in schools is a bad thing, that ignorance can protect us the same way it protected her family. It didn't. God didn't keep her daughter from getting pregnant... and God wouldn't have kept her from getting an STD. But she will cite God as her reason for denying vital information in schools. And the problem is on her DOORSTEP, and yet her aspirations as potential presidential candidate mandates that she hold the party line. Abstinence is everything... teaching kids about condoms will make them have sex. If you don't see that as stupid... then... well, you're stupid.

At the rate she's going, David Letterman might have been prophetic if that joke would have actually been about Willow. I wouldn't be surprised...

-ere'bodee's favorite mega, blogninja


She Hate Me said...

I think that Sarah is a devout practitioner of the whole Ostrich Theory.

If I bury my head in the sand, it's not real.

TangoMega said...

And that's exactly what should exclude her from holding any sort of public office. The woman is STUPID.

Serr8d said...

Sarah Palin, stupid? For a stupid chillbilly 'ho, she sure has you lefty corksuckers all in a twitter.

You motherfuckers can kiss my ass.