Monday, March 16, 2009

That Bitch Bo$$ =)

This is a post from my MySpace Blog... today Boss was kind enough to hit me up and asked if she could check it out, so I reposted it on MySpace and Decided it should probably come over to my Grown-Up Blogger Page. So here it is, enjoy the video! It's one of my all-time favorites.


Boss The Original Bitch

Lately, I've been in a Boss Bitch mood.... what does that mean? Well, Boss was the first female rapper I heard that I wanted to BE like, not just be WITH.. Most people don't even know who Boss was, and that's a fucking shame, because before Boss, nobody was taking chicks seriously in the hardcore game. Boss was required listening for me every morning when I was a teen. I mean, Boss was talking MY shit. My favorite song on her album was "I Don't Give A Fuck". She even had an answering machine message on her album that I put on my answering machine... man, you should have heard the message I got from my Grandmother. It was almost as funny as the one Boss has of her mother on her album. Her single was "Deeper", produced by Def Jeff (the guy who's responsible for 'Hip Hop Harry', howz that for irony?).... y'all take a listen to what quality sounds like. This song stands up to anything that's out right now.

Did you listen to it? Deep, huh? I'm sorry to say that Def Jam didn't do a second album with Boss, and I think that's their loss. For those who know classic shit, they always say "Damn, wouldn't it be tight if Boss and Dre did an album together?" As a matter of fact, I've heard that Dr. Dre was actually looking for Boss. Well, I found her here on MySpace, and y'all should be making friends with Boss The Original

This woman was waaaaay ahead of her time, and I don't think anybody back then knew what to do with her. I saw and heard her as a major influence for me. If I had her CD right now, I'd have the whole thing on repeat and be playing the shit out of it to remember what it sounds like when a real artist puts it down. The irony is a lot of people came out of the woodwork and claimed that Boss was a 'studio gangster', when the truth is she lived in harm's way for a very long time just for the love of the music and for survival. That's why I really dug Boss' shit. I guess it's one of those things where I knew that was bullshit, but once rumors get started, haterz keep 'em moving.

Boss... if you're working on a comeback, I'm ready for ya... lets do this.

-ere'bodee's favorite mega

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