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Heroes "Chapter 2, Trust and Blood" Feb 9th 2009

Heroes 2-09-09

Chapter 2 – Trust and Blood

Heroes Flashback

Once again, we are back. Let me say, I'm very pleased with the progress of last week and this week. The focus is squarely on the main characters and things are going to be predictably chaotic and fun. Let me get on with the recap:

We begin with Hiro on the run from the crash site. He comes across Matt and Mohinder. Matt is in VisionQuest Milky-Eye mode and leads them away from the crash site following Usutu... He finds a trailer nearby and breaks in for writing materials (when he has to draw, he has to draw!) and begins to paint images. One of the more particularly disturbing images was of Daphne being shot (here we go again with “Knock-Off-Tango's-Favorite” again).

Back at the crash site, Peter and Claire are trying to make their own escape and run into HRG. Peter gets away, but Claire gets cut off and brought back to Nate and the control site. Nate is having a problem keeping control over the Hunter, the head of the tactical team. They are trying to round up the escapees and cover the crash of the plane.

Peter and Tracey manage to subdue a couple of soliders (This gets my award for “Best Line Of The Night” Peter: “I'm going back.” Tracey: “Dress up like a guard? Where'd you come up with that plan, watching an old movie?”) and Tracey calls Nate. She offers Peter in exchange for her old life back. She tells Nate where to meet her and sets the double-cross in motion.

When they bring us back to Sylar (have I said I love Bad Sylar? I do love Bad Slyar), he's still busy extracting information from the last agent that attempted to capture him. Sylar's worked him over good. The house where he's torturing him in is supposed to be the house of his father, but a woman and a kid show up. Sylar tells the agent he's going to torture them in front of him if he doesn't tell him what he wants to know. As Sylar is about to turn the screws on the mother, the kid (we find out his name is Luke) makes a hand gesture and Sylar's cup of coffee (he's drinking coffee as he tortures the agent. Don't you just LOVE him?) explodes(?) all over him. Ahhh, the kid has abilities. At that point I figured Sylar was about to fit him for one of his terminal cap-peelings, but instead he starts to talk to him and quizzes him about his ability. The kid sends out microwave bursts. While Sylar and Luke are talking, the agent loosens the screwdrivers stuck through his hands into the chair (uh... ouch!) and makes a move for his weapon. The kid dives between Sylar and the agent and turns the guy into a Patio Burrito straight out of the 7-11. If you ever get bored, take a CD and put it in your microwave for about 15 seconds. This is what happened to this guy's insides.

Claire is still at the command center, and Daphne and Ando have been looking for Matt and Hiro. Daphne and Ando see Claire and Daphne decides to grab her. Nate and the Hunter see her but are powerless to stop her. They send out teams to get her back. Daphne and Claire find Matt and Hiro, but as they find each other, the tactical team finds them. (Excuse me for a minute, but I need to curse F**king Tim Kring, why the f**k you keep killing off my FAVORITE CHARACTERS?! ) Things go south. One agent shoots Daphne, once, twice, three times. Noooooo!!!! Claire shields the rest of the team with her body, Matt loses it and takes control of the agent and makes him shoot his own people. The Hunter takes him out, and the good guys all get away except Claire (geez, she is forever getting caught).

Peter and Tracey make their way to meet Nate, who double-crosses Tracey by bringing the tactical team with him when he said he wouldn't. Peter escapes with an assist from HRG but Tracey is S.O.L. Peter gets back to Mohinder, Matt, Ando, and Hiro and tells them they need to go into hiding and things are about to heat up. They go through the paintings Matt made again and Mohinder recognizes one of the places as a building in India. Hiro says he must go there, and he needs to regain his powers.

Sylar is now done since Luke turned the agent into Pop-Secret and is leaving, and Luke goes after him. Luke wants to go with Sylar, but Sylar is not interested. Luke tells him “But I saved your life, that guy was going to shoot you in the head.” Sylar tells him that they are even because he didn't kill him and “For me, that's sort-of a big deal.” (second-favorite line of the night) He also informs him that since he killed the agent, he killed his only lead to his father. Luke tells him that he knows where he is, and if he takes him along, he'll walk him up his driveway. Sylar knows he's telling the truth, and brings him along. Bad Sylar with a sidekick. I do love this show.

Claire gets shipped back home to Costa Verde, and she's trying to play normal again, but she starts getting mysterious text messages from someone called Rebel. They tell her not to give in, there will be a resistance. Who could this be?

Nate reaches out to Angela for help, he's getting bad press on the agents killing each other and the cover-up. He's worried that Peter is going to come to her for assistance, and he needs her to back him instead of little brother. Angela tells him “You cut me out, you went to the President, you are on your own.” Nate looks worried. He goes in to tell Tracey “I'm doing the right thing, these people need to be controlled.” Tracey is screaming at him as they begin to put the Mind-Jelly machine on her to supress her abilities “You're one of us, Nate. You're one of us...” Nate walks away and they hit us with a big TO BE CONTINUED...

Let me just say, we are two episodes back and I am happy with both. The pacing is back where it needs to be, the action is all over the place, and things are just beginning. I am not 100% sure that Daphne is dead, that really breaks my heart. I just said last week she's one of my favorite characters, then BOOM. Maybe I should start saying that about characters I DON'T like. I can't say there's any that I have any sort of real dislike for, I just wish they'd figure out what they are going to do with Ali Larter's character. It's like they've totally forgotten about Micah and his cousin, I kinda liked the kid. His technology powers had some real kewl possibilities, like the girl Wireless that could text message with thoughts? Communicate 'telepathically' with a computer, so to speak? Okay, some of you are thinking 'laaaame', but in this day and age, if you could 'think' things into computers. Oh, the comments some of you would get. Oh, you wouldn't DARE not leave me a kudo ever again, now would you? Anyway, I like where things are going very much, and I hope these two episodes will get NBC to get up off their asses and renew my show and maybe shut down all the booty-chatter about my show. See you all next week....

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